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What college diploma would give me an edge in today’s competitive job market?

By 1 month ago 354 Views

Every spring, a new crop of graduates leave colleges and universities to hit the job market. Many have been polished and groomed by professors and specialists, over the past few years. As they submit applications and take on interviews, some find immediate work in their field of study, while others struggle to find employment because their diploma doesn’t meet the demands of today’s competitive job market.

How to get the most money out of my college degree?

By 1 month ago 319 Views

Often people who graduate with a high school diploma, wonder if registering for classes at a college is the right choice from a completely financial aspect? Although most studies show that a college graduate earns more, on average, than a high school graduate… it doesn’t always take into account the debt that the college graduate has accumulated during his time at school.

Still, higher salaries are often associated with positions that require college degrees but just how much more and what degrees will earn you the most money, is a bigger question.

My job wants to see my diploma and my manager is demanding it!

By 11 months ago 381 Views

A few months back, a friend of mine named Lacy had called me up to catch up about her brand new job. Although she loved the work that she was doing and the people she worked with, she was afraid that her days at the company could be limited. That was because Lacy's boss approached her that Thursday evening about needing a copy of her diploma, on his desk by the following morning.