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What did I do with my high school diploma? Getting an authentic copy made fast!

What did I do with my high school diploma? Getting an authentic copy made fast!
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I had once a high school diploma but lost it.

When I graduated high school nearly fifteen years ago, I had high hopes of going to college so the diploma that I got for graduating wasn't something that I cherished and preserved as well as I should have. I remember giving it to my dad who was more proud of the accomplishment than me, since nobody in his family had a high school diploma.

Fast forward, years later and I'm working as an assistant for a local construction company handling all sorts of paperwork. I got the job shortly after high school ended, found the money acceptable and just never perused a degree. The job was working out well for me.

So, one day our company starts using this new insurance company who says they can lower our overall rates if we all proved we are least high school graduates. My boss asks me to bring in a copy of my real diploma. I thought no problem. Well, that was until I asked my dad about my old diploma and somehow it had been misplaced after moving a few boxes around in the attic.

What steps did you take to get an authentic high school diploma copy

Well, like most people I figured I would call up TJ High School where i graduated from but the lady who worked at student resources informed that the school only prints one diploma per student at the time of graduation and that was it. I really had no clue that this was the norm, but apparently most schools have limited abilities to print replacements and so they do not offer additional copies. On the other hand, even though getting a copy of your diploma seems impossible, I have heard of a select number of schools that offer such a service. Mine wasn't one of them.

Fortunately, the same lady considered I check out a phony diploma as an alternative. It turned out that these phony or fake diplomas were replications of authentic diplomas like mine. They could simply take an old TJ diploma, put my name on it, change some dates and then ship me out a copy to use. Although I would rather opted to go through the school itself, even though they recognized their limitations.

I'm not sure how long my old school would have taken to get my copy made off and ship it to me, but after requesting one of their fake high school diplomas, the document was shipped out the following day and arrived in less than a week. I was surprised at how stress free the process was.

How would you compare the new copy you got to your actual diploma?

vI will admit, when the site I found told me that they had my TJ diploma on file and could replicate it, I was a bit skeptical. I mean, it's easy to say that you can do one thing and to actually do it, is another. In the end, I was very impressed because I still remember my old diploma very well and many of it's features including the seal it used and where it was placed, the number of signatures, etc. The diploma I was provided matched a lot of it and I was very impressed.

Of course, I wasn't concerned about using it for work before I knew I had graduated and the diploma being made was just for record keeping.

Regardless that Monday morning, I presented a photocopy of my new fake diploma to human resources which was an authentic replication of my old high school degree. Nobody second guessed the diploma's authenticity and the company was able to lower it's insurance rates which became beneficial for all of us.