What is a ged?

Usually an alternative to attending high school, a GED is the process of earning the equivalent of a high school diploma. This means that one understands the material necessary to earn a high school diploma, but it is not the same as competing a full high school education. These types of tests are administrated through local testing center and broken down into four parts which include math and english. Each individual test can be taken as the student is ready. Once completed, they are awarded with certificates that recognize their GED.

Many testing centers will also hand out score sheets or transcripts which show how good or bad the student did on each part of the test. Often companies may request these transcripts when considering an applicant for a position.

Currently the only countries to administer these tests are the United States and Canada.

What is the history of geds?

In the early 1940’s, these tests were given out to military members to make sure they were mentally capable for combat. The tests also later came in handy as they showed the knowledge they had when later looking for jobs. A lot of this started because of the number of people who had dropped out of high school but found themselves wanting to join the military for work.

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