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What is a Fake Marriage Certificate?

Not to be confused with a marriage license, a marriage certificate is often given to new couples to congratulate them. It’s also for the newlyweds to remember their special day and the vows they made between each other. In the case of a fake marriage certificate, what you have is an actual marriage certificate that was replicated so that it could be personalized with specific names and dates for entertainment or novelty value.

The fake certificate, just like a real one will showcase the name of both the husband and bridge, the date the ceremony took place, location of the ceremony and signature lines for the witnesses of your choice to sign. As you cans see, there is little difference between a fake marriage certificate and a real one. The final document, like actual ones, is printed on certificate paper, packaged and shipped to you.

Novelty documents like these have been great for couples that can not marry but still want to show the love that they have for each other.

How do I purchase a fake marriage certificate?

All you need to do is choose our phony marriage certificate product below and give us some basic details including location names, addresses and dates. The document is fully customized based upon the information you provide. Also, if you’d like you can request a sample to preview our work before it ships and request changes to the final document.

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