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Product Description

Look don’t get me wrong, some really cool fake diplomas and a set of awesome fake transcripts that can shock your friends are certainly once of the neatest items I’ve seen in a long time but between you and me… they don’t come close to fake certificates.  People have been buying documents like death certificates on the black market for years, and many would argue that they carry as much of a demand – if not more – than fake diplomas. If you’re looking to get some fake certificates, you’ll really enjoy this article because I’ve broken some of my favorites and included by.

Fake Certificate of Marriage or Fake Marriage Certificate

I could probably name you a ton of false certificates but a fake certificate of marriage (especially when added to a fake certificate of divorce) is one of the more captivating novelty documents to me. When I was in college, I use to joke about how I was married to this girl back in high school who went to play a role on that hit TV show, The Big Bang Theory. I figured I could get away with it because my school was a couple of states away and nobody really knew me that well. I use to buy fake marriage certificates online through this site and put both of our names on it. A bunch of people at my old school totally bought into it and thought it was real. No kidding.

Fake Birth Certificate or Fake Certificate of Birth

People always have to ask me if I’m not full of (you know what!) when I tell them this one. You see a good friend of mine named Chuck wanted to tell people that he was born in Italy because that is where his father was from. A couple kids at school kept asking about his dad and life growing up there, and Chuck just found that people were less interested in some boy from Idaho. So, he started to tell people he was from Italy too but a lot of kids in class didn’t believe him. It was then that he bought a fake certificate of birth online showing his name, time of birth, and yes, how the hospital was in Italy. For awhile everybody believe him, until I spilled the beans.

Certificate of Death

Me and my buddy use to joke about funny ways to die. I use to laugh about dying from the boredom of a non-stop marathon of Justin Bieber on MTV. He use to talk about taking the largest poop on record and dying from exhaustion. To make our phony death stories more believable, we purchased fake death certificates online. He’s show mine to his friends and I’d shown them his. Everybody would crack up when they saw the reasoning, because they knew it had to be fake.

Fake IQ Certificate

Could you imagine, what a genius you went to high school would think if you ended up with a higher IQ then him? That is what I did to Tommy. You see Tommy graduated with a 4.0 from my school, while I slept through most of class and barely go through with a D+ average. Still, I thought it would make him go nuts, so I  purchased a fake iq certificate on this very website and had it mocked up with my name, dates and score that I knew was better than his after talking to his mom about what he got. The next week, I made up some story about taking the test and then asked him to see my certificate and if he thought my score was good? I remember his face, as I could literally see steam coming out of his ears! For a minute or two, he actually thought I was smarter than him and couldn’t believe. I later showed him this website and he talked about how both realistic and believable the certificate from them looked.

People buy novelty certificates that look very realistic for a number of reasons, but mainly they are just looking to have a good time. Still, at the end of the day nobody laughs if the document doesn’t seem legit on the surface. This is the case whether we’re talking about marriage or birth certificates, IQ ones, or even fake tesol certificates or BTEC stuff. That is why you want to demand good quality work and why I keep pushing people to check out this website themselves.

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