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DiplomaCompany.com is a professional printing company that uses client submitted details including schools names and dates to produce high quality diplomas that we distribute as fake ged diplomas, fake high school diplomas, and fake college diplomas including fake associate degrees and fake bachelor degrees too. Not to mention our line of fake transcripts, which like our diplomas are designed after officially released documents. Our documents are often used as replacement diplomas, diploma props, and esteem boosters.

Will you guys customize a diploma and transcript with my preferred names and dates?

Our production department has access to an incredible amount of high quality diploma outlines that were each generated from actual student issued diplomas. Each particular outline (school specific) takes into consideration all aspects of the original document including its structure, its font and yes, even its seals. In the case of college diplomas, degrees are matched and in the case of high school diplomas, school names and testing centers with geds. In fact, if you have copy of an actual student issued diploma yourself, we can consider it during the production process. Just pass it along.

All you need to do is fill out one of our product order forms which will request names, dates and titles. Once finish, simply add the product to your cart and finalize your purchase.

Your own diploma will feature your requested school, your preferred degree and major, and your date of graduation. When we say that we focus on making high quality fake diplomas, we truly mean it!

What makes your documents such higher quality?

All seals or emblems on the diploma can be applied as embossed foil seals, high definition printed seals or even shiny gold infused seals.

Our diplomas are printed on professional grade diploma paper, which is similar to what many schools use. Our paper selection is also available in multiple sizes including 8.5X11, 11X10 and even A4 for international buyers.

Our fake transcripts are produced using several different types of security paper including "document security paper" which features Hidden Message Technology™ and an Anti-Copy Watermark™. Although they are sold as fake transcripts, they are very realistic and highly sought after!

We even allow you to request specific grades and submit custom coursework for your transcripts, if you find that our popular standard coursework does not meet your criteria. You can even read more about all of the fake diploma supplies we use.

Can I get a sample of my document before it ships?

We offer free samples to our customers, allowing you to check over the work we've done and approve it before it ships. All samples are handled through our production department ticket system. Once we begin producing your document and have a sample ready, an email will be sent to you with a special id used to view your sample through our special system.

Keep in mind though, that because this service allows you to go back and forth with one of our staff members to make last second adjustments, this could delay the shipping of your document.

How can I pay for my fake diploma order at DiplomaCompany.com?

We currently accept money orders and all major credits, which are processed through our secured checkout, making for a safe purchase. Pre-paid gift cards can also be accepted, just make sure to activate the card before placing an order. More details are on our payment methods page.

If you need assistance during checkout, simply chat live with an agent or call our toll free support line.

I need my document by tomorrow! Is that possible?

In order to ensure that we provide our customers with high quality diplomas fast, Diploma Company offers a variety of shipping methods.

Whether you are shipping your fake diploma within the United States or to another country - by using our shipping courier - you will get a tracking number through email to monitor the package as it goes from our production facility to your address.

For customers in the United States, we offer ground shipping, 2-day air, 3-day air and overnight options. For Canada shoppers, expect 3-7 days for arrival and other countries up 6, due to custom delays.

The documents themselves including diplomas and transcripts will ship in a flat envelope, similar to how it would come if it was shipped by a school. The flat packaging protects your papers. Our website or company will not be mentioned anywhere outside or inside of the packaging. There will be absolutely no indication of the products inside.

How can I contact DiplomaCompany.com

Our customer support team is here via our toll free telephone line at 888-687-5403, live chat or email. We can address any questions you may have about using our website or purchasing products online through this shop.

If you are in the market for a high quality fake diploma, you'll quickly see why more and more people are turning to Diploma Company. Diploma Company is the best site for premium grade diplomas at competitive prices, shipped fast and all backed by exceptional customer service. We're what all other fake diplomas sites strive to be.