The fact is, all diplomas are created from templates. These diplomas display details including the school’s name, student information, dates, and more. Once a template is created, it is possible to mass produce it for thousands of graduates every year. Sites that offer fake diplomas have simply taken a template and replicated, so that it can be individually reproduced for their clients.

During our time in business, Diploma Company has collected a wide variety of templates including ged diploma templates, high school diploma templates and college diploma templates that have been provided by former graduates or located by our research team. This collection allows current customers to rest assured that their purchased diploma will be a high quality replication of an actual diploma from their school of choice.

When requesting such a product, a client simply needs to choose the type of diploma they want to order from our catalog of products. Once the final order is submitted, our production team is made aware of the school you want the best template suited for your specific school is chosen from our database to ensure the highest quality standards are met.

Diploma Company does not offer in-house options like some sites will do. In-house templates are a way for sites to save money by offer a select number of generic layouts that can be personalized with a series of available seals or paper color choices. By knowing the best font choices, emblems and specific details for each template requested, we can ensure that our customer demands are met.

If you are concerned about the document you are requesting and are unsure of what Diploma Company will provide you, you are more than welcome to request a free copy of the custom diploma to look over and approve before it leaves our production facility.