Ways to Earn money without college degree

We are often told, education, and more so a college degree is what will get your life rolling. Most certainly, education has its space and cannot go unnoticed. However, what most people do not tell you is that it is still possible to have a decent life, and even earn a six figure salary working on jobs that do not require a college degree. This does not mean that you should forego education all together, since basic education makes it possible for you to have these jobs. People such as Steve Jobs the co-founder of Apple dropped out of college and did not graduate as his parents could barely afford his education. This did not stop him from becoming the man that he wanted to be. Here is a list of jobs where you can earn money without college degree.

1. Online marketing Manager

To start with, there are no colleges offering training on online marketing skills. Whereas in the modern world, everyone has to have a website and market their goods online to ensure that they get customers. This has created an unfulfilled niche which has created room for employment without a college degree. Online marketing managers work from the comfort of their homes, and achieve exemplary results.

2. Court reporters

Due to the increased notion of getting a college degree and securing a decent job, courts have been left without reporters. Even though you do not require a college degree to become a court reporter, you require having a minimum typing speed of 225words per minute and the ability to type when two people are talking. The main job of the reporter is to transcribe everything that is said in the court of law.

3. IT personnel

IT is entirely responsible for the smooth flow of activities in organizations. As such, companies are ready to invest in IT personnel's who have the skills and the technical know-how of the job. To be excellent in this field, you do not require a college degree; instead, you should remain on top of technology developments. Take for instance the former CEO of Oracle Larry Ellison. Having dropped out of two colleges, he still managed to build a database for the CIA. His current net worth stands at US$54 billion.

4. Chefs

If you want, you can take a college degree and study all that there is to know about cooking. However, if you are passionate enough in cooking and culinary related activities but you either cannot afford, or are not interested in college, you will find a way up the cooking and food industry. Take for instance Rachael Ray a famous culinary arts expert who never took a college course on the same. She has a net worth of $60 million. Is that not excellent for someone who never went to college? On the same food industry, you could also talk about the late Dave Thomas who was the founder and CEO of Wendy's chain of fast-food restaurants. Having dropped out in high school, he joined a restaurant on a full time job where he got the idea of starting his chain of restaurants.

5. Electricians.

Last but not the least; you do not require any form of a college degree to become an electrician. The income with this job requires that you work in a metropolitan city to maximize on your income, since the demand is high here. This does not mean that you should not start if you are at a less busy area. If you find thrill in wires and connections, go for it.
Starting your education at a young age, toiling and working hard all the way to a successful graduate is the basic thing that everyone will tell you. However, this method is not a guaranteed formula to wealth and success. Working on your passion and giving it your all will certainly earn you a place in the society and give you a decent life.