Why fake college diplomas that look real make such a difference!

There could be any number of reasons why somebody would choose to invest in fake diplomas from colleges. Maybe they need to quickly replaced a lost document of theirs? Maybe they want to fool a friend into thinking they graduated too?

Regardless of why you need it, what is most important is that the fake college diploma looks real! If not, somebody might spot the difference and the mistake of purchasing a lesser quality novelty, could cost you.

A story of Oliver and his quest for a real looking college degree fake?

Several years back, Oliver Maddocks who was living in Jefferson City had started a job as a brewer for this upstart beer company.

At the time, he had several years of experience working under various brew masters. Yet, this new company company still requested a copy of his college degree. Now I can go back and tell you of a dozen stories where a jobs wants a diplomas and Oliver's story situation was much like theirs.

Basically, he couldn't find his old diploma. He did all the things you'd expect like calling his school but the problem he ran into was delays. The school wanted something like eight weeks to get a replacement made but that wasn't going to cut it, as his boss put a week deadline on the request.

It was that this boss of all people actually suggested getting a fake as a temporary replacement. The whole purpose was just record keeping but he insisted that it looked legit.

So that is what lead Oliver down this path to searching for fake college diplomas that looked real.

Was he ever able to find fake college diplomas that look real?

After doing a bit of research, he stumbled across this website. I actually remember the first day Oliver called me, discussing his situation, and me telling him how it was all too familiar.

In the end, I introduced him to our fake college diplomas and explained to him how the entire process worked, what details we would need from him, and so on. He purchased his diploma that night and by the next day, I had production send him a sample to look over everything to make sure we didn't make any glaring mistakes.

fake college diplomas that look real Closeup of Olive's Real Looking Fake

That afternoon, it shipped out, heading for Missouri. I remember him calling me to let me he got it and how thankful he was.

So, even though I had told Oliver that we had a copy of his college's template on file and were well aware of how the real diploma looked, hearing his reaction when holding the actual product in his hand (as i often always experience) was special. He started to talk about how he put his college experience behind him after graduating but how the diploma we made not only saved his job but reminded him of his past. We felt honored.

It's moments like that when we realize that making a fake document is one thing, but making fake college diplomas that look real can make all the difference.