Why fake term paper generators for college don't work!

My friend Andrea was attending state and the end of her spring semester was coming to an end. Like a lot of college students, she didn't focus a ton of her time on her studies and her education suffered. Instead of hitting the books hard, she found a love of frat parties, etc! With little attention made to her research paper that was due shortly, she debated about using a fake term paper generator for her college. I tried to explain to her why that was a dumb idea and then I figured, this may also make an awesome blog post?

How do most people try to fake a term paper?

So, you have a paper due. What do you do next? Most people will often seek the internet for any sort of articles that can scoop up for their Theseus. They then copy some text from it that sounds good, paste it into a Doc file, mix some content around, change some words (using a thesaurus helps here) and then they spit out hastily put together college term paper! The fact is, the professor immediately spots it and your attempt to save some time, lands you into a massive pile of poo. It stinks!

A lot of times students often realize that when you put off a research paper for a long period of time, sometimes you struggle to come up with content to write about. Now, if you've spent the last year partying like Andrea and hit up many concerns, maybe you could write this awesome paper on mosh pits, but that still takes time to research details, proof read it and more, stuff you don't have time for because the due date on this paper is approaching quickly.

The fact is, you need a term paper and don't have time to write one and need help fast! The problem is, how do you obtain one? We can debate the ethics of faking one's term paper but I am here to make suggestions. Now, there are a multiple ways including online generators which produce previously written papers or hiring professional writers to assist with your paper.

So, I see fake paper generators! Are these any good?

There a literally thousands of websites, that let you download previously written term papers. Some don't charge a dime but most only give you a taste of what the paper says. For instance, they may show you like 30% of the actual paper's text but then require you to pay a small fee of about $5 or so to view the rest of it. I won't waste your time discussing these types of sites because they are worthless! The biggest issue I found with them is that they let you preview the content of the paper which seems like a good idea but if you copy the content of that paper and search for it online, you will see many other sites selling it and claiming that it's a fake paper. This should worry you because what stops your professor from doing the same thing and seeing the exact research paper you turned in, pulled up at ibuycrappytermpapers dot whatever dot com?

At the end of the day, you are going to want a uniquely written article by somebody instead of crossing your fingers and hoping you can lucky with the site you choose, we decided to list our favorites.

So generator stink, how do I get a kick-butt and amazing term paper made quickly?

What you know you want is a paper that is made-to-order. What you want is the ability to find great writers and tell them what your trying to do a thesis on and know with absolute confidence that the paper will get done and done right.  If that's your case you are going to want to hire a custom writing service. At the end of the day these services don't care about you and why you need it, so don't bore them with your story about getting smashed every weekend for the past year and how you need a paper done fast. Instead, simply tell them what you need and hire a professional to write it.

I can tell you a dozen of these sites that I would recommend and most use the same network of writers, so the quality of the product found at one may be found at another and the decision to do business with site A vs B may come down to customer support, etc. Whatever your case is, I suggest you check out:

  • essaygoal.org
  • customwritings.com
  • writingsperhour.com

The process to ordering a fake term paper here is as simple as you think it might be. You go the site and let them know what kind of paper you want written. The assign you a writer, they write and you get to download it. This is such an easy process, that I feel stupid explaining to you how it works.

Problems that might arise even with a professional written term paper that you paid good money for

Here's the thing, if you get the term paper put down your beer for a minute and at least read the darn thing. Let's assume you turn it in and let's assume your professor asks you a few questions about it and you seem totally lost, then he or she might start to question whether you wrote the piece.

Also if you are going to start using a custom writing service for term papers, make sure you use it often. If you are known as the kid in class who writes a bunch of jargon and then one day you turn in a masterpiece, don't be shocked if people raise a few eyebrows.

I personally would never use a fake term paper service and think anybody who does is asking for trouble. If you ask me, the best thing to do is focus on your schoolwork, get your mess together and write a paper that you can be proud of.