How to get the most money out of my college degree?

As college degrees are necessary for landing a good paying job, it is important to understand which majors will increase your chances of landing a great paying job!

As many college graduates plan to walk across that stage at the end of the semester, we decided to take a moment to discuss the best paying college degrees in today's job market.

Currently, jobs that require engineering degrees top the list with a median mid-career pay of $88,600 to $155,000 and a median starting salary of $51,700 to $97,900. In second place are computer science degrees, with a median mid-career pay of $97,900. Coming in last are positions that require human services and early childhood education degrees, topping out at a median annual salary of just $39,000 annually.

Before, we took a look at what degrees were most desired by businesses, but that doesn't always make them the best paying. For this article, we decided to dedicate our time at discussing the college degrees that will land you the most hefty of paychecks.

The rankings we'll discuss were collected from data obtained from thousands of universities and are based upon having a bachelor's degree only. The study does not take into consideration those graduates entering the workforce with a graduate degree. The study surveyed nearly 90% of schools in the United States that had an enrollment of over 5,000 students.

What college degrees will simply pay me the best?

best paying college degrees

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