A guide to the best educational websites

When we often think of jobs that we consider to be "thankless", teaching children, for some, is often up there.  It is often uncommon to see both parents and children struggle trying to work with their children, only to see looks of exhaustion as they roll their eyes back in frustration. Fortunately, there a number of great educational websites that can help your child through fun interactive games and quizzes that enhance their knowledge, test their brainpower and may someday help them lead to getting their diploma on graduation day!

The following is a list of the best educational websites that we've found for teaching children and sites that we definitely recommend every parent bookmark and save for later.

1. Fun Brain

What child doesn't love the joy of playing a fun game? At Fun Brain they offer a wide variety of interactive games that mix the joys of things kids love with solving problems. Consider "Math Baseball" where kids can take swings at a fastball but not before solving a few math problems. Then there is also "Word Raider" where you must collect vowels to complete words. The site is also contains comic books that teach kids to read and tons of resources for teachers in need of assistance.

2. Learning Games

Like our first choice, Learning Games has more interactive solutions for teaching your children. From math games to logic games, there is something for everybody. My favorites include memory games which challenge children to match similar items on their screen or pairs, which is a great way to learn attention to detail.

3. Scholastic Parents

Although a lot of the previous sites provide resources for children to learn on their own, sometimes parents or teachers need some tips of making teaching easier. That is where Scholastic Parents come into play. They are a publishing company which offers many how-to books on teaching children in real life environments such as home schools or a traditional classroom. They also show great ways that parents can use educational on daily basis such as eating at a restaurant and showing kids how to use math to add up the cost of meals.

4. Child Development Institute

Like the Scholastic Parenting site, sometimes people just need assistance on how to educate rather than a way to educate. This site offers tips to on how to improve the educational process and although some of them seem more like commonsense such as turning off the TV during study time or designating areas in the home ofr studying, the number of resources and information is pretty remarkable and a site worth saving as a premium resource.

5. Super Kids

You've probably heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? It's because a good meal can keep our children focused and alert throughout the day and improve their education. Luckily Dole has created a blog all about teaching children good nutritional plans and plans that parents can stick with. Since there is much talk here about interactive games, I really wanted to touch on ways to enhance the experience and found this site very helpful and wanted to suggest it for others.

Obviously this just dives into some of the sites that I suggest but there are plenty of other great ones out there that I've recommend. Consider Crayola which has more interactive learning games or better yet Brain Pop which teaches kids about different areas of study such as science, special studies, math and health. In the case of their arts and music section, Brain Pop can teach children how to read music. With so much talk about how learning music improves your memory and intelligence, there are multiple reasons why parents should rush to that site right now.

Are you somebody who has used education websites to teach your children to improve your own teaching skills? How do you feel about our of sites here? We would love your feedback.