Kinds of common fake certificates that are in demand

Did you know that some of the most popular kinds of products sold at online novelty document print shops are fake certificates? The number of people purchasing these types of items has seen a steady increase over the years, as more and more people use them to fool others, increasing their demand to an all-time high.

Most of the fake certificates sold are used strictly for entertainment value, and can be a pretty affordable prank - for some - to play on others. It's important to understand that these types of products are made by these shops to simply dupe others, and they are not produced to help people lie about their credentials or take part in what may be considered wrongful activity. They are simply created to bring smiles to people's faces.

There are many popular types of phony certs that people love to collect including fake massage therapist certificates and fake birth certificates. Think of the amount of fun somebody can have with one of those items, or better yet a fake marriage certificate? Imagine telling your friends that you married a famous pop star during a weekend trip to Vegas! You'd probably say, "well, they would never believe me" but what if you had proof of the nuptial in the form of a novelty certificate of marriage? The quality of the document you had made by the supplier was so good, that your friends needed a second to step back and realize they were the butt of the ultimate April Fool's joke. That is the beauty in buying realistic certificates that look and feel like the real deal from a quality printing shop.

Another common novelty certificate that I see people buying sometimes are fake death certificates, as a way of fooling others into thinking they took their last breath. After getting it in the mail, they usually call up their local newspaper and have a fake obituary printed about their passing. Sometimes the editor will want to post a photo of the certificate, which is possible when a novelty prop was bought. As your friends and family read about your passing, they rush to contact you to make sure it isn't true! As you explain your prank, a good laugh is had by all. Although such a certificate of death may not work over authorities, it can do a number on most unsuspecting people.

What websites can help me find these fake certificates

Good sites like often keep certificate templates on file for the most in demand. The templates can later be altered with personal details such as names and dates and then printed on top of decorative border paper or the best paper suited for the certificate they need made. Regardless of the type of fake certificate you are demanding, make sure to rely on a quality printer with experience in making such items.