Most Popular Graduate Degrees?

What Are The Most Popular Graduate Degrees?

A graduate degree for some may not only be the difference between landing a not so good job and a great job. Sometimes, it's the difference between landing any job. With most degrees pursued in as little as two years, it's one of the most investments you can make as an undergraduate.

In fact, a graduate degree holder can earn about $400,000 more in their lifetime than an undergraduate degree holder.

Nonetheless, you will need to do your own research since there is so much information about there about what degrees are the most popular, which ones to pursue, etc.

For your convince, we have two lists showing the top five most graduate degrees for both master degrees and doctorate degrees.

Most Popular Master Degree Programs

#5: Non-Profit Management

#4: International Business Management

#3: According

#2: Health Services Administration

#1: Business Administration

Most Popular PhD Graduate Degree Programs

#5: Physical Therapy

#4: Physics

#3: Political Science

#2: Public Administration

#1: Statistics

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