8 Most Popular Master's Degrees Employers Want

Depending on the career you want to have, holding a master's degree may help the spotlight fall on you when companies are considering multiple job candidates.

A lot of employers respect those with higher education degrees such as a master's because they can be seen as slightly more knowledgeable in a particular field of study than somebody with an undergraduate degree in the same field. The reality is that in today's job market, although having a master's degree is no guarantee that you will greatly increase your financial earnings, it may help you stand out over some less educated candidates.

Top 8 Master Degree's Most Employers Want!

1: MS in Nursing

Nursing has always been a field with a great outlook for jobs. Those who have a bachelor in nursing should consider pursuing their education further and obtaining masters. The extra mile opens up more opportunities for them since people with a master in nursing are generally desirable than those with bachelors. Anyone with an advanced nursing degree has the option of working in the hospices, ER, rehab centers or on any specialized team. With the nursing job market still unstable, nursing is always in-demand and valuable making getting a master in nursing a good thing to embark on.

2: Masters in Healthcare Informatics

Healthcare Informatics graduate work with electronic aspects such as digital systems and health records. This field is growing each day as more places are going digital. A person with a master's degree in health informatics can work in hospitals, with companies that handle digital records for various medical facilities, or can also start their own software creating businesses. Depending on the job you are employed and the location, a person can earn $100,000 and above in other states.

3: Master in Physician Assistant

Another most wanted degree in the health sector. A physician assistant master is for those who want to go to medical school, but they don't want to be a doctor. Getting a physician assistant masters is a great option to pursue and still has a great responsibility. It involves working many hours and sometimes even odd hours. The good thing about physicians is that you are able to leave your work at the office, meaning once you are done working you can carry your work home. It's a good option for people who want to prioritize family. The learning period is two to four years and there is a demand for physician assistants once you get your masters.

4: MS in Information System

Technology has become an important part of many companies today, it is what drives them to success, hence the need for information system experts. They are needed to run the ins and outs of the company databases and the larger the database, the better-equipped person the company wants. People Information system advanced degrees are often more experienced in handling the ins and outs of technical financial databases which want most companies are after, a person who can manage larger databases. They also handle other intricate networks, including web databases. The information system has a bigger responsibility but pays off handsomely with a six-figure salary.

5: Master in Computer Science

Computers are everywhere. It's hard to go through many offices in a day without using them at least once. Companies rely on web infrastructure and so do employees and clients that why getting a master's degree in computer science is worth everything. There is a large demand in this discipline. By getting a master, you are guaranteed a long and fruitful career with all industries. Computers are not going anywhere, so you have a great career ahead of you.

6: Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering increases its importance with every technology leap. As technology moves forward, so does the electrical engineering field. It is a solid direction for anyone who wants to take it in the world today. Companies need to be up-to-date with the leaps and bound by technology and only electronic engineers can help them succeed in doing so. That's why electrical engineers are the most wanted employees by companies and it comes with a six-figure salary.

7: Masters in Physics

Physicists are people who study the facts about space and can develop new and emerging technologies. They research the nature of things and come up with new ideas or theories on how things work in our world. They fascinate with science and fundamental rules of the laws of gravity, entropy, inertia and much more. People with masters in physic always have an important place in the society which makes it a solid and stable discipline for ambitious personalities to take.

8: MS in Occupational Therapy

If you have a desire to help others, consider taking occupational therapy. It's not only a way of fulfilling your need for helping others but it also one of the most wants degrees in the job market. Occupational therapist help injured patients to get back to the normal lives by assisting them to learn a new skill at the same time regaining the old ones. They make a difference in patients' lives and they are rewarded with a good salary.

Deciding which master's discipline you want to take can be hard, but with the knowledge above, should be your guide to deciding one. People from undergraduate programs already know what they are going to pursue, but there are programs that assist people in choosing the best master degrees that suit them.