After I passed all of the individual tests needed to get my GED, I remember the day I was handed a certificate with my name on it letting me know that I was a certificate holder. The process wasn't easy, as I struggled with many parts of the test and on many occasions thought about giving up. What inspired me was what my family was going through. You see, I was taking this test just before my nineteenth birthday, having just dropped out of high school and needing to financially support my mother after my dad had just passed away. It was also a personal achievement for me, because neither my dad or his dad, had gotten their diploma before. Now, nearly thirty years later when I found myself in need of replacing that very same certificate after misplacing it, I find that my options to get a second copy were few and far between.

Why Didn't You Hang Onto Your GED Diploma For Dear Life?

The fact is, a lot happens in a thirty year period. I have since gotten married, had two children and a successful job. Which leads me to today's story. You see, my current son Andrew has been trying to get his own GED diploma. Life his dad, he also left high school earlier but it wasn't because we need him to financially support the family, as much as he need to support his own. You see, Andrew and his girlfriend are expecting their first child and needing an income, he was offered a job but it required him to have a GED.

I've been encouraging him for months to go and get his GED diploma. We've spoken countless times about my past struggles to get through the test, but how eventually I was able to pass it. It was then, that he started to ask me about my old diploma, why I've never showed it to him, etc. I began to think about it, what I did with it after getting it, and where it was. It was then that I realized that it was misplaced and I began my search for a replacement.

My first instinct was to call up my old testing center and see if they could get me a second copy but unfortunately they only print one diploma per student at the time of passing. After that, you've pretty much out of luck.

Fortunately, a lady who answered the phone named Marcella had mentioned that a number of former graduates were getting copies made through online print shops which sold fake ged diplomas. She had mentioned that the diplomas were often designed after real ones and would be custom printed with my information. Although they weren't always cheap, she assured me the quality was there and a number people who were in my same boat, had purchased them, and were very happy with the decision they made to buy.

That night, I searched the internet for quality suppliers and ran across who assured me that they were aware of how my old GED diploma looked and could replicate me a new one with my personal information on it. I went through the steps on the website and placed an order. The staff even sent me a sample of the work they did to look over and proof before a final copy was sent out.

Less than week after speaking with the novelty diploma site, my diploma came in the mail.

What did you think of the replacement that the website made you?

To be 100% honest with you, I was very impressed. I remember specific details about the diploma that I had years ago, where the seal was, how many signatures were on it, etc. Like I said, the moment was a big one for me so I took a look of time to stop and admire the certificate that I was holding in my hands that day. The fact is, the GED diploma that Diploma Company made for me reminded me a lot of what I once had and it was truly a remarkable replication of that document.

I then remember showing the diploma to my son Andrew, as a reminder of his old man's achievements and suddenly, he realized how much it meant to me to have it and how much it would mean for me, for him to pass the test. That night he began looking through his notes, going through a few of his study books and just sharped his focus and determination to get his own diploma.

I am happy to say that, although it took a few tires (like his old man), the was able to get his very own diploma issued. I then immediately told him to frame it and keep it in a safe place, because what he was holding was one-of-a-kind. Andrew sort of smiled and asked me what I meant by that, but my explanations of the need for a site like Diploma Company is a story for another day.

I know a lot of people out there probably think they know the true reasons why people fake ged diplomas, but more often than not they are wrong. The fact is, they can inspire others and create change and if you don't believe me, ask me about my son Andrew.