Earn Money Without a College Degree

    Ways to Earn money without college degree We are often told, education, and more so a college degree is what will get your life rolling. Most certainly, education has its space and cannot go unnoticed. However, what most people do not tell you is that it is still possible to have a decent life, and even earn a six figure salary working on jobs that do not require a college degree. This does not mean that you should forego education all together, since basic education makes it possible for you to have these jobs. People such as Steve Jobs the co-founder of Apple dropped out of college and did not graduate as his parents could barely afford his education. This did not stop him from becoming the man that he wanted to be. Here is a list of jobs where you can earn money without college degree. 1. Online marketing Manager To start...


    Why are college dropout rates so high?

    The is no denying how much the people who make hiring decisions demand a college education. It's for this reason, that so many people register for classes at a college or university in an attempt to earn a diploma in their preferred field of study. For some, the challenge can often become too much to handle and they are forced to drop out before completing their goals. The issue of students quitting on their degree is a certainly a growing one. The overall rate of college dropouts has surprisingly increased in recent years, and although it's a conversation that many did not want to have, it's one that they should. A number of reports conducted now show that there are multiple reasons why students struggle to earn a degree, resulting in putting their studies on hold or quitting school altogether. The statistics are backed by lots of precise data. Read latest #blog post...


    Top High School Dropout Jobs

    The list of high school dropout jobs may be longer than you think! When it comes to finding good work, no one has a tougher time than high school dropouts. According to a recent study conducted at Georgetown, those without a college education have a much harder time finding employment than those that went to college. These days the unemployment rate for somebody that holds a college diploma is 4.5% while those with just a high school diploma is 24%! That's almost six times as much! Still, for many high school students the goal of getting their diploma isn't met for a wide variety of issues including financial problems, personal commitments, and more. However, it is still possible for high school dropouts to find good paying jobs based upon having the right skill sets and connections to land desirable positions. We decided to put together a list of the best jobs that a high...

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