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  1. Fake Degree Certificates for Sale in 2020

    Nellie Henderson woke up seven years ago feeling depressed about the direction her life was going in. At 26 years of age, she was a struggling student at her local community college unable to pass two important courses she had left and unsure if she was going to ever earn her associates degree. This is the story about how fake degree certificates changed Nellie’s life for the better and created a path to success.

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  2. Job wants my diploma!

    When Andrew first applied for his job last June there was no mention of needing a copy of his diploma. Even though he graduated from college, he had since placed the diploma in a storage box completely forgetting about it. That was until his job asked for a copy of his diploma and he found himself reflecting on his time at school and wondering whatever happened to his diploma. This is his story.

    About three months ago, Andrew started working for a designer firm that was located downtown. The job required graphic design experience but there was no mention of needing a diploma although it was recommended. Fortunately Andrew did have a degree in graphic design from an arts college.

    When applying for the job he made a note of having a diploma but the human resources agent did not request a copy of it and Andrew felt it wasn’t necessary.

    The day my job asked for my diploma

    Upon starting at the firm, Andrew started to notice many of the other designers had

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