How are GED and High School Diplomas the Same?

    While having a GED diploma means that a student posses the same knowledge as somebody with a high school diploma, this does not mean they are the same.  There are differences between the two, including the time and requirements it takes to earn each. For example, each may require you to be of a specific age, among other restrictions. Knowing what option is best for you and your circumstances is important in choosing the better of each option. Age Requirements: High School Diploma vs. GED? The biggest difference people notice is the age requirement for each. In most states, somebody can apply to earn a ged diploma after they turn sixteen, they can no longer be attending high school, nor can they have graduated high school and received a diploma. Some states may have additional requirements in order to apply for a GED. As far as getting a high school diploma goes, there...


    Top High School Dropout Jobs

    The list of high school dropout jobs may be longer than you think! When it comes to finding good work, no one has a tougher time than high school dropouts. According to a recent study conducted at Georgetown, those without a college education have a much harder time finding employment than those that went to college. These days the unemployment rate for somebody that holds a college diploma is 4.5% while those with just a high school diploma is 24%! That's almost six times as much! Still, for many high school students the goal of getting their diploma isn't met for a wide variety of issues including financial problems, personal commitments, and more. However, it is still possible for high school dropouts to find good paying jobs based upon having the right skill sets and connections to land desirable positions. We decided to put together a list of the best jobs that a high...


    How to make a high school diploma

    The fact is, fake diplomas are very simple to make if you have access to the right materials. They are great for those attending a recent graduation party who may not have graduated themselves but want to impress old friends. But there are also other reasons why somebody may want to buy such a product. For example, they want to protect their real diploma and put out a fake one in its place for those visiting their home to see. At the same time, they may want to display their diploma in several places such as a home and office, making the need for additional copies. Although the reasons for wanting one will vary, the path to obtaining one can be frustrating for some who don't realize the many steps involved in doing it right. Some will try to make one themselves before smashing their computer in rage! For others they...


    Definition, High School

    A school that is attended after completing elementary school or junior high, a high school is comprised of grades 9 or 10 through 12. Related Definitions High School Diplomas How are GED and High School Diplomas the same? Top High School Dropout Jobs...

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