phony diploma

  1. How fake diplomas set the scene in Hollywood

    You’re watching a movie comfortably in your living room. The main character is not feeling very well so she needs to get herself checked by a professional. You see the main character enter the doctor’s office; after a few seconds waiting the doctor finally appears and you get a glimpse of his office while the camera follows him. You notice all sorts of doctor’s instruments, the table where patients sit for the check up, and of course you see a wall covered in diplomas behind the doctor sitting at his desk.

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  2. When a phony diploma can blow your mind!

    Maybe you’ve been teased about having to drop out of graduate school and want to show off a phd degree to get back at the bullies in your life? Maybe your filming a Hollywood blockbuster and need a prop made for an important scene your shooting next week? Maybe you want a personal copy and a backup of your difficult to replace diploma made to protect your original in case it’s ever lost or damaged. In these cases a phony diploma that looks real may be beneficial to you.

    If you’re concerned that a fake diploma designer could never pull of a real looking fake, you should check out some of th

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