When it comes to finding employment as a dropout, few dropouts have a harder time than high school dropouts. In fact a report by Georgetown University confirmed this, stating that the differences between finishing high school and leaving soon is staggering when seeking employment.

While the unemployment rate for college graduates sits at 4.5%, the 24% unemployment rate (nearly 6 times!) that high school dropouts are faced with makes that 4.5% seem tremendous!

Still for many who have struggled in high school and were forced to quick, for a variety of reasons, the idea of landing a high school diploma seems impossible. With that in mind, we know that finding a job that can pay well and allow you put food on your table and a roof over your head is extremely important. With that in mind, Diploma Company has compiled a list of nine jobs that will still hire dropouts who lack a high school diploma.

Even though it is possible to find employment, with a high school degree, the chances of landing a job is still not in your favor. The reality is many people in your same boat will be fighting for the these positions which is why we strongly recommend a high school or high school equivalent diploma.

Top 8 Jobs for High School Dropouts Seeking Employment!

#1 General Manager at a Restaurant

Think of managing a fast food chain or causal restaurant? A lot of times a high school education is not necessary as much as experience in the restaurant industry is. Although there may be beneficial skill sets that a high school degree could provide, a dropout can still successful become fulfill a management role. In fact, many restaurants encourage young employees to take advantage of management training courses because it more effective to hire from within than seek managerial candidates from other establishments. At a median annual salary of $44,000 ... a general manager at a restaurant is the best paying out of the jobs we reviewed based upon these circumstances.

#2 Executive Assistant

Consider this a glorified secretary. If you have basic typing skills, can answer a phone, make a fax and send an email, you can find employment here at a median base salary of $44,000 also.

#3 Big Rig Truck Driver

Believe it or not, drivers of semi tractor trailers make good money. A lot of times they are paid by the miles they log but if you enjoy driving and don't mind the long days and nights, it can be very lucrative.

#4 Car Mechanic

Working as a car mechanic can also be very financially rewarding. The job does require certification in most cases but you can still get licensed and certificates without a high school diploma.

#5 Heavy Equipment Operator

Think of bulldozer, working on construction sites. Heavy equipment operators can earn a median income of $39,000. The more impressive thing is that field has seen a 23% growth in the past year, which is faster than all other occupations we discussed here today.

#6 Carpenter

Even though it can take years of training and an apprenticeship to find work in this field, a caper can be a good career path for a high school dropout. In fact, 20% growth has been seen this year in the field.

#7 Welder

Using a welder can be dangerous work but if your up to the task, you can find employment in this field even without a degree from high school. Medium income is an impressive $37,000.

#8 Automotive Service Technician or Mechanic