Top Paying Jobs with Business Degree

Every year thousands of people graduate looking for the top paying jobs with business degree. Have you ever stopped to wonder about the job market for them and what positions they may find and what positions pay best?

A number of industries including banking, insurance companies, retail shops, and large corporations, often seek out those with a business degree when hiring for new positions. The reason is because such a degree prepares you for many skills that necessary in most business environments such as analytical and critical thinking, decision making, problem solving, logical thinking and a basic understanding how different types of businesses function.

Although there are many difference reasons why somebody might choose to peruse a particular job needing a degree in business, often wanting to choose the position that pays the best is most important to job applicants. That being so, we give your our list of the top 5 best paying jobs with a business degree below. Enjoy.

#5: Cost Engineer

  • Experienced Median Pay:$99,800
  • Common Major:Accounting
  • % With High Job Meaning:57%

#4: Bank Examiner

  • Experienced Median Pay:$109,000
  • Common Major:Business Management
  • % With High Job Meaning:N/A

#3: Assistant Vice President, Regional Director

  • Experienced Median Pay:$129,000
  • Common Major:Business Management
  • % With High Job Meaning:48%

#2: Chief Administrative Officer

  • Experienced Median Pay:$140,000
  • Common Major:Business Administration
  • % With High Job Meaning:N/A

#1: Chief Marketing Officer

  • Experienced Median Pay:$172,000
  • Common Major:Business & Marketing
  • % With High Job Meaning:65%

Do you have a degree in business? How has the job market faired for you? Do you agree with these findings? We’d love to get your feedback today.