Have ever thought to buy fake diplomas or a replacement degree, but wasn't sure if it was a smart decision? We know there is a lot of misconception about these sort of products. So, we've complied a list of 8Â excellent reasons to grab one! Although a lot of people assume they know why a novelty diploma is highly sought after, a lot of times they are wrong.

They buy fakes to motivate themselves

There are a lot of people who purchase a novelty diploma or fake degree to push themselves towards their goals. Consider a struggling college student who is struggling to pass a particular course and get this degree. Before giving up on college, he decides to invest in a novelty knockoff which he has made with his name on it and the name of the school he hopes to someday graduate from. Seeing his name on the document, inspires him to return to class, study harder and get his actual degree. That novelty document forever changed his life.

They're the easiest way to replace lost ones

If you have accidentally damaged or misplaced your diploma, a replacement diploma can be a lifesaver. That's because sometimes schools make getting copies very frustrating because of hefty fees and inconvenient delays. Because of this, websites that offer fast replacements such as this site, are priceless. The fake documents they make can make substitutes for degrees you once earned.

Looking for a unique novelty gift? There is nothing better.

They make great novelty items. Think about a friend of yours who loves to go fishing. He talks about how he's the greatest fisherman ever and that nobody knows more about "reeling them in" than him. As a unique birthday gift, you buy him a Masters in Fishing from his favorite school.

They want to feel important and to stand out in a crowd.

In today's society, a degree can earn you much respect. Think about the people who work in your office who have diplomas hanging up on their wall. What impression does that gives you of them? Most likely, it's very positive. What if you had a diploma yourself hanging up on your office wall? Although it may not be real, a novelty diploma can give you a personal sense of pride. That price can also boost your self esteem and help you accomplish goals.

Until their diploma arrives, they will do.

They make great temporary replacements until you get your real one. After school, it often takes some time for official diplomas to be printed out and mailed off to graduates. Many ex-students find that novelties make great substitutes for the time being.

They play a role in movie scenes.

They make great props for movies, Broadway plays or other productions. Think about how many firms you've seen where they show a scene that takes place somewhere like a doctor's office. That office would not feel as authentic if there wasn't a diploma hanging up on the doctor's wall. For this reason, many big Hollywood productions will use a novelty diploma during important scenes where one is called for.

They make replicas for diploma collectors.

A lot of people love collecting diplomas as a hobby. People especially like old diplomas from historic schools, some of which no longer operate. For instance, I knew somebody who had a high school diploma from 1912 that he had framed. It was very beautiful to look at. For some of the schools he was unable to get for his collection, he had fakes made of them. This makes me think of people with a poster of a Jackson Pollock painting because they could never get their hands on the real thing.

They show school pride, even for non-graduates but fans of the institute.

A lot of times people just want a diploma from a school because they are fans of that school. I had a neighbor growing up who loved "The U" but never attended there. His sister got him a fake Florida diploma from there and he absolutely loved it. In most cases, if you just wanted a diploma from a particular school like that, you'd have to attend college there and pay tuition which could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. A novelty item such as a fake ged, fake high school degree, or replica college diplomas present a more affordable option.