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  1. Created from real certificates, replicated to capture layout and structure!
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Fake Birth Certificates

Next Day Diplomas! Guaranteed FedEx Delivery!

Our Fake Birth Certificate or Certificate of Birth is great if you want to fool a friend with realistic novelty fake certificates?

This Fake Birth Certificate or Fake Certificate of Birth is available exclusively through Diploma Company.

This certificate is 100% custom made and designed from a hospital issued certificate of birth. All replicas are created from original templates that we stock, and each one has been replicated and then personalized with a father's name and mother's name, date of birth and the name of a hospital.

USD$ 74.95
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Customer Reviews For This Product

Best certificate of marriage replication I've seen yet Certified Product Review by Leslie DeMarco
I bought one of these from another site and was very upset at the quality. I read about you guys on a review site, took a gamble. The certificate arrived today. It looks amazing. I had no idea it was going to come out this real looking. If I need another document, you will be getting my call.

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