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The blog has moved! It is now Diploma Company!

Closed College Diploma was once the name of a blog which talked about what to do if you were a student who lost or misplaced their diploma or degree from a closed schools. This included institutes that have closed their doors, gone out of business, etc. In many cases because nobody was there to pick up their phone and help with replacements, the idea of repalcing such doucment was difficult. This blog once offered tips on what to do, where to go, etc.

The website is now being sent here. We purchased the rights to the website's name after it stopped being used. Anybody once trying to go to that site, will be sent here instead. :)

What is this website... Diploma Company?

We offer custom printed replacement degrees, prefect for anybody who lost a diploma. We can also help with diplomas from schools that have closed, making us a great resurces for old visitors of their webste.

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How to get a Diploma from a Closed College or University?

Check our our blog for helpful articles or shop our entire product line here. If you need help with this website including placing an order or product questions, we offer live chat, ☎ phone support and email. Contact us for more information.


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