Diploma-World.com is now DiplomaCompany.com

Great news! Diploma-World.com is now DiplomaCompany.com. With this change, we bring their audience the best in high quality fake diplomas and degrees, certificates and much more.

diploma-world.com is now diploma company

So what's different? Well, DiplomaCompany.com has purchased the domain rights to Diploma-World.com, meaning that all of the people that would once go to their site are now coming to ours. We do not own their company, so we can not assist with you questions or concerns about previous sales and orders made on their site.

What makes this site better? Diploma Company is one of the most respected and well established suppliers of custom novelty documents including fake ged diplomas, fake high school diplomas, fake college diplomas, fake certificates, fake transcripts and more. We also own and operate several stores for customers in different parts of the world including diplomacompany.co.uk for our UK customers, diplomacompany.ca for our Canada customers and diplomacompany.in for shoppers in India. For those of in the USA tough, please be aware that we offer FREE SHIPPING to make your buying experience more convient. On top of all that, free samples are availbable before shipping to look over all of our work before it leaves. If you have any questions please call 866-687-5403 or visit our customer support page.

Please be aware that we understand many complaints were issued about diploma world in the past about how they treated customers, the quality of their work, etc. We are not the same company and we invite you to give us a try and experience better products and services. If you have questions about an order placed at diploma-world.com, please be aware that we do not have access to their order history but could try to assist with you a new one. We also ask that you call your bank about any pending charges from their site made to your credit card,


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