I never once thought I would be purchasing a fake certificate from a Sydney college. That was until I lost mine, had no idea where to turn and find a solution with fake Sydney university certificates at Diploma Company. This is my story.

About five years ago, I attended a school near the city where I studied Conservation. I enjoyed my time there and after a lot of hard work, I got my certificate. Although it was a great moment in my life, I had a job lined up and had no immediate need for the graduation certificate so I gave it to my folks.

Years later, after moving and getting a new job near King Cross, my company asked for a copy of my certificate. I immediately replied, "no problem" thinking I'll just call my parents. The thing was my, my dad had misplaced it after cleaning out his storage shed so it wasn't going to be a simple as I thought.

How did you try to get a replacement?

My first thought was to contact my old college about getting a replacement printed. That seemed like the most logical idea. The problem was, the process wasn't very fast. They wanted three weeks to fulfill my reprint request. With my job getting on me about needing documents for record keeping, I didn't have three weeks to spare.

Since the documents were just for record keeping, my boss suggested that I look into novelty documents sold through sites like Diploma Company. He recommended a few people who bought them and said that the quality was very good, very close to the real thing. I took a chance and called +61 280 155 665 that night to speak with somebody there about fake diplomas.

The staff assured me that they had copies of a certificate from my school and knew about it's layout, structure and fonts and would replicate it with my information. I put in an order in and even got a chance to preview their work before it shipped out.

Did you get your fake university certificate and like it?

My document came within a few days and I was able to track it as it made it's way to my house. The next day, I had it photocopied for my boss and hung in a frame to put up at work. Did people think it was legit? Absolutely! One of my coworkers who graded from the same school at my same time has seen it several times and never questioned it. I just recently told him it was a fake from Diploma Company. I can assure you, their work is legit.