Last year for my dad's birthday, we decided to do something special, something he'd never expect. We bought him a diploma. I know what you're thinking, how did you BUY a diploma? The truth is, we went online to purchase one through those sites that sells fake diplomas. I know some of you hear a lot of news about mills, but we found truly positive use for this type of product and it's one we wanted to share.

Why didn't your dad go to college or graduate from there?

You see my dad was raised in Western Australia, working on his father's farm growing up. After secondary school, he started to attend college to study agriculture. He was doing good in school because his father started to have heath problems. He was forced to quit and take over the family business.

I won't say this was a bad thing because the business flourished over the years and he was very successful. He was able to financially provide a great life for me, my mom and my two brothers.

Still, I would often remember he talking about how much he loved spending time at college, how much he wanted to graduate, how it was a regret that he had. Since he was 69 years of age at the time, nobody in my family can see him going back at this point. Still, I and my brothers knew we wanted to do something special for him, something to celebrate the big seven-o! It was then that we thought we would help him recapture his youth and make him feel like the graduate he always wanted to be.

We set off to find businesses that would make us a novelty gag gift of a diploma but it had to look realistic. The problem was, my dad still kept up with friends who attended school with him and those friends had certificates. Â He knew what a real certificate looked like, even from years ago. We made sure the company was well aware of the diploma and could do a great job replicating it.

What company did you buy from novelty certificate gag from?

We spoke to a few companies but settled on Diploma Company Australia. We were pleased to see they offered great customer support including a working local Australian telephone number at +61 280 155 665, live chat and more. BUT more than that, they assured us that they knew about my dad's old school and would help us customize a realistic looking novelty gag gift.

That night we ordered a novelty college degree through the site and put in my dad's name in the order form, the name of his old agriculture degree and what would have been his graduation date after talking to our mother. I was going to talk to his classmates for details but wanted to see their reaction. I even asked Mickey who he was still friends with to come to the unveiling.

The site allowed us to preview the document before it shipped. The sample looked great but seeing the real thing, in person, was going to be the test. Also whether it would fool my dad would also be a test.

So a few days later, it arrived. It came securely packaged to make sure the corners weren't bent. Very professional process if you ask me.

When we got the diploma, we decided the best way to present it was framed. We had it framed nicely and then hung it up in our living room. The next morning when we all gathered at my parent's house of brunch, we waited for my dad to notice the new artwork hanging on the wall. He did! I’ll never forgot the moment he saw it, because he began to cry. There was need to discuss that it was a novelty, because he never graduated and knew that it wasn't but it meant the world to him that his children would do this.

What did his old classmates think of the gag's quality?

BUT what made that moment even more special was when Mickey walked in who graduated from the same school after he dropped out. He starred at the document. Looking very confused, he paused, looked at it some more and turned to my dad. I thought you dropped out of school, what is this?†. My dad smiled. He explained it was a gag. Mickey aid, are you kidding me, I have a real one hanging up that I look at every day. The quality of this thing is astonishing.

I wanted to write this because there is so much misinformation out there about novelty degrees. People want to talk about lying and cheating, but they can bring smiles to people's lives. For that I am very thankful.

What to Create Your Own Novelty Australia Diploma as a Gag Gift?