As we go through the stages of an early education, we are told by many that the only safe path to a well paying job is a college degree from a major university. We are told that a higher education, in turn, will offer us great job opportunities and career growth. I mean, this is what you've always been told, right?

Well, in today's current job market that isn't always the case.

Because the cost of getting a higher education degree is on the rise, and many students don't want to be stuck with a lifetime of student debt, many are seeking positions that don't require a degree. Although at one point people felt that this decision would come with less pay and advancements, what we're finding is that isn't always the case.

Although having a degree from a college or university can still be very benefit and may give you an edge, it isn't always necessary. In fact, we've spent some time researching the top five best paying entry level positions across Australia that don't require a university degree.

A Great Paying Job Without a Degree? Law Enforcement Officer!

police officer

One of the most respectable jobs that one can do, law enforcement officers spend their time protecting and serving their communities. Their job is maintain law and order, keep peoples safe, protect the people and their property. And that being said, the position pays very well too, as a law enforcement officer can early upwards of AU $63,000!

A Great Paying Job Without a Degree? Financial Planner!

financial planner

A great position to help people make wise financial decisions with their money is a financial planner. This individual helps people develop and implement a financial path that covers a wide range of areas including retirement, insurance and estate planning, and taxation. In fact, one of the first pieces of financial advice you could give your clients is a discussion of the importance of a college degree they may wise to pursue. At the end of the day, this positions earns an average of AU $61,000 according to recent studies and a great way to earn a living with a higher education degree.

A Great Paying Job Without a Degree? Steel Worker!

structural steel worker

Anytime a great structure such as a skyscraper and rugby field is risen, steel workers play a huge part in the construction of it all. That is because Structural Steel Construction Workers erect scaffolding, secure and position steel reinforcement in forms of concrete, dismantle structural steel frames and more. This vital position also pays extremely well, as an average individual in this field of work, can earn a median income of AU $61,000 too.

A Great Paying Job Without a Degree? Safety Officer!

safety inspector

Keeping works on a job safe is necessary and the main task of a safety officer. They help identify potential hazards, calculate the risks a business is taking, and put safety regulations in place to prevent potential problems from occurring. Although this job does nto require a higher educational degree, certain diplomas may be good to have including:

  • Certificate IV
  • Diploma or Work, Health and Safety

A Great Pay Job Without a Degree? Executive Assistant!

executive assistant

In the high powered world of corporations and the corporate executives that play a vital role in their sucess, are those executive's assistants. An executive assistance's job is to schedule and organize an executive's talk, keeping track of appointments and meetings they must attend, and making arrangements such as flights and hotels.

Although this pay of this job can fluctuate depending on the corporation you are apart of, average executive assistants across Australian earn a median income of AU $60,000.

Although a degree from a higher educational institute is not necessary, the following diplomas may be beneficial for people looking to take part in such a career:

  • Diploma of Business Administration
  • Diploma or Project Management