These days, it isn't uncommon to hear about customers getting scammed online through websites. Whether it's somebody buying shoes online or through online bidding sites, the risk is real. Fortunately, there are real steps consumers can take to protect themselves.

As a supplier of custom printed fake certificates from colleges and universities, we've often asked by customers about our company and we decided to run this report for people to take into consideration when debating about whom to buy from.

Do they have a phone number that works?

This seems simply but many websites linked to scams don't have a phone to reach somebody. Or if they post a number, it never works and is always disconnected. This is a big deal because any site looking to scam people would not want to provide a number. Why not? This is because they don't want to deal with the backlash of angry, frustrated customers. Its lot easier to block a phone number or chat request than a phone call. Diploma Company, Australia's best site for novelty degrees, welcomes callers during normal business hours at +61 (0)2 8015 5665.

Do they only allow you to wire money?

A lot of scam sites will often say they take credit cards. Then right when you're ready to buy, they tell you that you can only wire money. This is a problem for many because wired payments can often not be refunded, allowing the customer zero protection. This does not mean that a site which takes wired payments shouldn't be trusted, but any site that cannot give a valid reason as to why they can't, should be avoided.

Are the reviews about them accurate and truthful?

Look at a lot of businesses will hire people to go online and post positive reviews about their business. Don't believe us. Just check out sites which hire freelancers and see how many businesses will pay good money for good testimonials. This even includes many respectable businesses.

At Diploma Company we do not write our own reviews. In fact, most customers are often shy about buying diplomas and will not post reviews. In fact, the majority of reviews on our site were written over a long time span and out of many sales. One of the few well written and in depth reviews we've seen by a customer was by where the somebody actually bought a diploma from us, studied it, compared it against others for sale, and wrote a legit review. We had no idea he was doing it and although we appreciate the positive feedback, we still strongly advise against trusting most of what you read online.

Do they keep you updated during the business process?

Most sites take your money and leave you in the dark. Some will update you every few days but the communication is limited. Diploma Company is one of the few fake certificate sites that actually keeps their customers in the loop with real updates. This includes email updates about the status of your order, if it's shipped out, a tracking number and more. Most customers who are nervous during the buying process approve this extra added level of professionalism.

If we can help you with the purchase of a fake college degree or novelty university certificate, please check out our website today. We are available via phone support, live chat and email and look forward to talking to you.