A typical bachelor's degree in Australia ranges between three to five years. A bachelor's degree is mandatory for most of the professions such as law, teaching etc. There are certain college degrees such as Bachelors of Arts, which does not elicit any professional career ahead particularly due to the degree. However, such graduates can apply for jobs that do not specify the type of bachelor degree required.

Candidates can opt for a one-year postgraduate with honours degree after a Bachelor with honours degree in the same field. However, it might be offered as "on-course" in some cases, mandating the student to involve in a one year research after the four year undergraduate degree. This is available for students who maintain distinction throughout their undergrad course. To get an acceptance for with honours degree, students will have to complete the high level courses and also submit a research thesis. The Australian honours degree is different from the Honours of English/Welsh countries, for which only a ‘dissertation' would suffice alongside a bachelor's degree of three years.

A few bachelor's degrees such as environmental science and engineering comprise of an integrated honours degree along with the four year program. If students wish to take up the path of research for post graduation, they can opt for Honours, which gives them a better advantage in the job market. The scales of honours in marking are different: First Class honours is from 80-100%: which is a exceptionally nice score, while Second Class Division 1 is from 75-79%, which is a relatively great score and Second Class Division 2 from 70-74% is a good score. Following this is Third Class from 65-69%, which is satisfactory. However, beyond this, marks from 50-64% are not awarded an honours degree and might only be conferred with a pass degree. Students who score less than 50% are considered as fail.

With the honours program, students can pursue their interest in research projects which are in different areas and they will have to do it under guidance from academic staff members. Due to this, students gain a rich experience and it might also interest them in studying further by enrolling for a Ph. D. degree. Meritorious students, generally with a first and second class score, will be able to get admits for Ph.D. or master's program in Australia. A second class or above score is mandatory for gaining admit for Ph.D. courses.

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