Order Reprints

Getting a replacement or reprint with a DiplomaCompany.com order this !

First, let us apologize. Due the the large volume of custom documents that we produce on a daily basis, it's possible that occasionally an order will leave our production facility with errors. We make a noble effort to check and recheck documents before they are packaged and sent off, and although we have a 98.3% success rate due in large part to our quality control department, problems do arise.

If your document did arrive with a mistake, we are sorry. Diploma Company will gladly fix your order by reprinting it with any necessary changes. If the mistake was our fault, this reprint will be produced and handled at no additional cost to you. Please contact us to explain the mistake. Once we confirm that we are at fault, we will give you a coupon codes to use with the product below. The coupon code will let you obtain a free reprint. The corrected document will ship out with the same delivery method you choose on your original order. If you would like to upgrade to a faster shipping method for your reprint, simply discuss this with a support representative.

I got my order but I made a mistake when filling out the order form

Sometimes customers will get their custom documents and immediately realize that they made a mistake. Common problems are suddenly noticing the date of gradation is wrong (ie: you meant to put June but you put down May on your order form instead) or you meant to put your maiden name as the graduate but didn't. Don't worry, we can simply correct those mistakes at a low cost to you without forcing you to pay for a brand new order. More information can be found by viewing our reprint request option below.

Please note, you will need to provide us with your old order number and a list of any changes you need made when ordering a reprint. If you are unable to locate such details as the order number, ask a customer support representative for assistance. Having this details will make the reprint process go more smoothly and prevent possible delay.