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Diploma Company is pleased to offer actual raised seals and emblems for their line of custom printed novelty diplomas. These are printed seals that you can rub your finger over and feel come alive and off the paper! This is the highest quality printing technique made available on any supplier's website to this day.

How does this compare to RAISED 3-D INK SEALS on OTHER sites?

Most other sites use a process which involves taking powder ink and laying it over a printed seal. The seal then is heated which causes the powder to melt and then harden into a solid form. In theory this does give the look and feel of a raised seal because the ink hardens and comes off the page. The problem is, the powder can often dry in clumps causing the seal to look distorted and hard to make out.

Diploma Company use a more advanced printing technique for it's raised seals. We use additive manufacturing to build up elements layer by layer. This ensues a more precise, professional printed, raised seal that comes off the page and can shock anybody with it's realism.

Can You Raise More Elements than Just the Seal Itself?

Yes. Because we don't use stamps to apply artwork and then sprinkle it with powders, but instead print directly onto the document, we can raise anything including all text. Please keep in mind this would be additional service as it is very time consuming to print every single element of the document in an embossed method.

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