A lot of times we get feedback from customers who are interested in purchasing fake diplomas from our website and other times people wonder why such an interest in them exists. The fact is, people use these diplomas for any number of reasons and why somebody may buy fake high school diploma products will differ from person to person.
About a year ago, we got a phone call from a woman named Claire. Of course, Claire isn’t her real name but she was kind enough to share her story with our website on the grounds that we would protect her identity. That being said her name and a few other details have been altered.

Anyway, Claire had wanted to purchase a fake high school diploma on our website for her daughter. It turns out that her and her husband had just moved to a brand new city after her husband’s job promoting him. The two of them loved the change but not their daughter. She was having a hard time fitting in and struggled at school. Because of that, they found out that she was failing and risking graduating that spring.

Her mother tried to have a long talk to her about the importance of graduating and college, but it ended back firing because Claire herself had dropped out of school and the daughter new this. It was a secret that she had kept but a secret that her father started telling his grand kids one day. Her daughter basically gave her the old line, “well, if you didn’t ... why should I?” and nothing was getting solved. The fact is, Claire did drop out but the circumstances were much different than that of her daughter. At the time, her father was sick and she needed to help run the family business. Her daughter was not being forced into making such a difficult decision and she found her lack of interest in school has nothing more than laziness.

Still, being desperate, Claire thought quickly and immediately came up with a great way to motivate her little girl. She simply lied to her and told her that she did graduate from school and the stories were in fact untrue. Her daughter still didn’t believe her, but she said she would prove it by presenting her diploma which was placed in storage after Clair’s father (and her daughter’s grandfather) had passed away a few years ago.

Where did she start her search to buy fake high school diploma products?

That night, knowing the diploma never existed, she began searching the internet for ways to buy fake high school diploma products. That was when she found us. I remember the night we spoke with her and she told us about her situation. She then admitted that she had no clue what a real diploma looked like from her school but was desperate for us to help.
Luckily, Diploma Company stocks numerous high school diploma templates that were collected from actual schools across the world. We use these layouts during the production process to ensure that every custom diploma we make captures the look and feel of actual graduating certificates. We told Clarie she had nothing to worry about.

If you buy fake high school diploma items online, will they trick people?

The following Thursday Claire showed her daughter the brand new diploma that she got from us. She reminds her daughter’s facial expression because she was actually shocked considering the document went against everything she had known about her mother. In the end, it changed a lot of things and lite a fire under her daughter. She went back to school, regained her focus and managed to graduate from high school.

Since we first told this story, Claire has admitted to us that she has spoken to her daughter who is now in college about the diploma being a fake. Her daughter understands the path she was on and why her mother made the choice she did. Although circumstances may differ for others, we find the reasoning why so many people need to buy fake high school diploma products online interesting and will always keep an ear out for their stories.