Fake Diploma FAQ

How can I order a diploma online?

We make finding and purchasing all of our available diplomas quick and easy. Just click here see our entire collection of fake diplomas. You can also break down the same list by "specific types" and only view fake diplomas from high schools or fake diplomas from universities and colleges for instance.

Once you find the diploma you want, the order form will collect unique details that we need to customize it. These include names and dates on the document. Every document we make is 100% custom made and replicated from actual diplomas!

You will know your order has been successfully placed through our site, when you reach our THANK YOU FOR YOUR ORDER page. There you will get an order number and invoice. These same details will also be sent to your provided email address which we will use to update you from production to shipping.

We can also walk you through the steps of how to order with us, where we discuss everything from placing orders to shipping out orders.

How are your diplomas printed?

As a professional printing company, our production facility uses a variety of professional printing equipment. This machinery is used during the production of your custom document. Some documents are printed using an electrostatic digital printing process. Some are made using offset print techniques, some use thermal DOD, etc. Diploma Company promises to use the most appropriate tools and resources, to ensure our diploma fakes look and feel like high end educational documents!

Do you have a standard size that you print all your diplomas?

It depends on what sort of diploma you want to order from us. Although most people assume there is a proper size for all high school diplomas or all college diplomas, that is simply not true. Every diploma is different and we keep detailed records of the best sizes suited for each diploma, to ensure even the proper size is taken into consideration during the production of your product.

We will match the proper size noted on our official template, as we have it listed for your requested school. Our page about paper options dives into more detail about this subject!

How realistic will my diploma look when completed?

Over the years, we have collected a large number of actual diplomas. These include diplomas from schools all over the world. In some cases, we have more than one diploma for the same school. This may also include diplomas for graduate and undergraduate degrees from the same school. It also takes into consideration diplomas that date back years ago! In fact some of the diplomas in our collection are as old as 1920! We use those diplomas to create original templates. The templates replicate the actual diploma or degree's layout, it's structure, the font types it uses, where the seal is placed, number of signatures, etc. When you place an order with us, we see what school you want, and pull the best template option. Each template is then personalized with your details including names and dates. Once everything is approved and/or checked over, it is packaged and shipped out. Because we are so aware of how a diploma should look, we won't waste your time asking you what color paper you want or what sort of seal you'd like to see. We use what our template research recommends, ensuring the highest standards of any phony diploma shop.

When I look at pictures of products on your website, is that exactly what my diploma will look like?

In most cases, no. There are literally thousands of schools across the world. Those same schools also offer hundreds of degree types. For this very reason, every single diploma, transcript or certificate can't have it's very own product page. If it did, the site would be massive and too difficult for customers to find what they need. Instead, we keep our store simple. We have two or more products for every country and often two or more choices for every category. For example, if you want a GED from any of the 50 USA states, regardless of which state, use our USA GED Diploma order form.

The product images associated with each product listing on our site, is generic artwork. This product images should not be considered a "preview" of the final document, you will be sent. The only exception is some of the fake certificates we sell which are noted in the product descriptions.