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These days it's difficult for people looking for fake diplomas from Japan colleges and universities to find a reputable dealer. Fortunately, Diploma Company creates realistic looking fakes from popular institutes all over Japan including those in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Fukuoka and more. These are high quality novelties created from actual student issued diplomas. We've spent years collecting these diplomas and studying them, giving us the necessary tools and resources to create very good replications.

Our layouts capture the layout and structure of real degrees. This includes how the school's name is written and where it appears, carefully selecting fonts, ensuring proper seal placement, signature count and more. In fact, our diploma galleries showcase much of our work.

Our documents are sold as diplomas, transcripts or combination packages. To purchase one see our items below. On the ordering from, you can confirm the name of school you want and then give us details including graduation dates and your name as you want it to appear. All of this information is used during the production process by our design staff. The item is 100% custom printed, packaged and shipped to you.

We also offer free samples if you would like to preview our work before it leaves.

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We are here via live chat, email and phone support. Please call +00 1 312-985-7109 to speak to a support agent today. We look forward to assisting you.

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