Answers to Diploma Questions

How do you know what my diploma’s layout is?

Our production department stocks an incredible number of original diploma layouts that were created from actual student issued diplomas given out at high schools, colleges, universities and more! Our original layouts match actual diplomas, minus elements that are restricted such as forgery, banned degrees including law and medical and more. When you request a particular school, our production department pulls the appropriate template to ensure that the proper structure and layout is being captured on the custom fake diplomas that we make for you.

Will my diploma look like the one in the product image?

In most cases, no. Like we mentioned before, our production department stocks thousands upon thousands of high school, colleges and universities. For this very reason, we can't have a single product for every school and every graduation year because that would create so many products, that customers would have problems finding what they need on our site. Instead, we keep our website simple. For example, we have a fake ged diploma which is a single product that can be used for any GED. This particular product applies geds in either the usa or canada and from any town or passing year. The product icon on that product page, like many others, is just a generic image we made to market THAT product. What you will receive will match the appropriate assigned ged diploma layout that we have chosen for your area via our production department.

What is the difference between a diploma and a degree?

Because we some problems labeled as "diplomas" and others as "degrees", we often get this question a lot. Although both a diploma or a degree, are awards given to people after they complete an education course or a series of courses, they are also different and alike in several ways. For most people, a diploma can be completed in 1-2 years (like an associates) and a degree takes 3-4 years (like a bachelors). Others simply refer to a diploma as what is given to recognize an achievement and the degree as what was actually earned. Still, some even consider a diploma and degree on in the same.

Will my diploma have a gold seal?

If you choose to have an “official” seal, we will use the proper seal we’ve designated for the template we have on file. Seals are often infused, raised or printed, depending on the layout and what is needed. If you want a “gold” seal, even if your diploma layout does not call for a “gold” seal, you can still get one by requesting a “gold” seal in the custom notes of the order form. Just make sure that you have chosen to have an "official" seal. Otherwise, we'll give you the appropriate seal that your assigned and original diploma layout calls for.

What type of diploma paper do you use?

Our production facilities stock a large amount of diploma paper that we order from a national trade supplier who also issues diploma paper for various schools, colleges and intuitions. We match your requested school’s layout with its proper paper weight and paper color, once your order has been processed and production begins.

How are your diplomas printed?

As a professional printing company, our production facility uses a variety of printing equipment depending on the document you are looking for. Some diplomas use single printers, while other diplomas require a number of printing machines including heating elements to complete the production process. is committed to using the highest quality inks and printing methods for all orders, ensuring an authentic True Match© for all printing methods.

What size will my diploma be?

It depends on what sort of diploma you want to order. We will match the proper size noted on our official template, as we have it listed for your requested school. Learn more about proper size of diplomas here!

What signatures will I get on my diploma?

We use a collection of "realistic signatures". Diploma Company cannot reproduce somebody’DiplomaCompany Indias actual signature because that would be forgery, which is illegal. Instead, we use "realistic signatures" that capture many of the characteristics found on real signatures! During production, our staff makes sure to use the appropriate "realistic signatures" that best suit your document. This is what makes "realistic signatures" better than standard signatures, which is the substitution for signatures with other fake diploma websites. As a business, we have received nothing but positive feedback about our "realistic signature" option but if this is an issue, you may request to leave the diploma’s signature lines blank, in the "notes" section of our order form, and sign the document yourself upon receiving it. If you chose to do this though, we commended adding an extra copy or two in case you have issues signing your diploma.

So, I really want a fake diploma... how do I order one?

It’s easy. Look up top at the dark grey bar and select your product category. If you want a GED diploma, choose GED, high school chooses High School, etc. From there, you simply pick your product and fill out our order form by giving some important details.

Can I see some samples of fake diplomas you’ve made before?

Sure. See our fake diploma gallery of past work.

Can I sample my diploma before it ships?

There is an option on our order form to request an email sample of your document. Once finished producing your document's layout, our production staff will send you an email with a special ticket number, allowing you to preview the document at our production website. Your sample will show the structure of your custom document and text, allowing you to see the school's name, your name, dates and more. This also allows you to check over it and request any appropriate changes with the assigned production member working on your order. Once you approve our work, your document is flagged for final production and it is printed on official diploma paper, seals are applied and then the document is packaged and shipped to you. Please note that all our order proofs of our products do arrive with a watermark stating that it the sample being viewed is property of DiplomaCompany India and in fact a sample. This is required by our credit card processor since all orders are not finalized until they are signed by the buyer. Because of this, all of our samples in production are still property of Diploma Company and must be watermarked as so for liability reasons. If this is an issue, and you must have a sample free of watermarks, we recommend that you contact us about setting up alternative payment methods such as Western Union, Money Gram or Money Order.

How will my diploma ship?

All diplomas ship in flat packages that contain a label with your shipping address and the address to our production plant. Our packages are very similar to what a school might use to mail a copy of a real diploma to a student. All packages ship with FedEx. For your convenience, we offer a variety of FedEx shipping options. For more information, see our shipping page.