Answers: Fake Diploma with Verification Service

It's important to know that does not offer a verification service for any products that we sell. This means that we do not verify diplomas or certificates or transcripts for jobs or schools. Since many customers have asked about how they can get the best verification services for their fake diplomas, we wanted to take some time and provide feedback that you may find helpful about the verifying process.

No fake diploma sites currently offer verification service

Contrary to popular belief, there is not a single supplier, similar to our own, that supplies a verification service for their diplomas. Although many customers assume higher end sites that charge insane prices for custom printed diplomas will verify any document they sell, the truth is, they will not. In the past there have been sites that claimed they would verify any product they produced by faxing a bogus letter a authorization to anybody you wish. In the fine print, the letters would only be sent to family members or friends and any requests to verify their products with schools or jobs would be immediately denied. The site currently no longer exists and there is not a site now that will verify, under any circumstance, as it currently stands.

Many years ago there was a site that apparently listed a verification service on their homepage. This seemed like it would have been a huge hit with shoppers years ago but it never caught on. The main problem was the return address on the envelops they would mail people (could be a school or job) was coming from Arizona as we remember it. Obviously unless your school was in Arizona, it would do you know good since a high school from New York, for instance, would not have a verification letter coming from Arizona. At this time, that site is no longer around so the point is mute.

How hard is it for a school or job to verify my education?

Obviously depending on where you live, somebody like your boss or department of administration records may run into trouble getting this done. In the USA, there is a group that maintains and governs the actual verification and release of education documents. It's called the "Federal Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act" or FERA for short. The law was passed back in 1974 and basically it requires that a school graduate from a high school or college or secondary school, releases permission to a school or job to collect information about their graduation. In other words a job or school can't call up to verify your education without your written permission.

When you apply to a job or a public school, in many cases, they will ask for permission from you collect details about any degrees or certifications you have earned. In some cases, not wanting to deal with potential legal hassles, a private school or smaller school may choose not to verify documents and risk overstepping their boundaries. This is very important to understand if you assume somebody may verify your fake diploma and know the truth easily.