has moved to Diploma Company, the former blog about fake certificates, is no longer in operation!

That blog has been shut down and Diploma Company purchased rights to the domain. We are now sending people who would one go to that site, to this one instead.

Welcome to Diploma Company! We are an online super store that offers a wide variety of custom printed fake certificates . Each one of our documents are designed from actual certificates once issued out to graduates. They are then personalized with names and dates before being shipped out.

What novelty certifications do you offer?

Many favorites including fake certificates of birth, fake certificates of marriage, iq certs and more. Each item is 100% custom made to order and personalized with your details including specific names and dates. Once a document is produced and completed by our design team, a sample is sent for you look over and approve their work. Once you give us the approval, the final document is packaged up and shipped out. We offer a variety of shipping methods from overnight rush delivery to free ground plus worldwide delivery options.

Check our our blog for articles similar to what once listed. If you need help with this website including placing an order or product questions, we offer live chat, ☎ phone support and email. Contact us for more information.

Oh, and here are some really nice articles about fake certificates... the type of thing that Novelty Certifications once offered visitors.


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