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Russel Beals

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  • Wish there was more sites like this.

Lester Davis

  • Verified Customer Review
  • Thank you.

Bobby Beck

  • Verified Customer Review
  • I got my fake high school diploma. It is nice.

Antonetta Malley

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  • My mom wanted to leave a diploma copy for my her grandkids but had issues getting a copy made from her all girl's school back in the 40's.The school could not help us. I do not blame them cause it was odd request and dipoma was very old. Still I found this site and asked Brain at support who was able to take the time to research the diploma and find a template for it. They created my mom a custom document with her name on it, old dates, so on. It was done so well. Even the paper had an aging effect which I thought was a bit extreme but nice.

  • We remember you calling. Touching story. Glad we were able to help you out.

Jacquelyn Powers

  • Verified Customer Review
  • I am so pleased with your services.

Johnna Sommer

  • Verified Customer Review
  • Got a fake TESOL made. very nice.

Terrilyn Gracia

Sanjuanita Mahoney

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  • Just wish it was cheaper but I understand why now that I see quality in person.

Micki Almond

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  • They asked me to write review. I usually do not. I want to keep this short and say I got my diploma and I am happy with how it turned out. The seal is in the right place, layout is spot on... I could not be happier.

Jon C.

  • Verified Customer Review
  • Very happy with my diploma/

  • If you are happy, can I ask why you gave us 1 star? I am curious to know if you meant to give a higher ranking? Could you please let me know or edit your review? Glad you are happy with what we sent you.

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