DiplomaCompany.com Review

Arlene Colon

  • Verified Customer Review
  • I can't begin to say how happy I am with Diploma Company. Thank you for providing a great service. You guys are so valuable with what is out there. Keep up the good work.

Josh Barrett

  • Verified Customer Review
  • Thank you.

Jere Evers

  • Verified Customer Review
  • Your phone department is so helpful. They got out my order yesterday at the last possible second.

Marcell Tomlinson

  • Verified Customer Review
  • This people behind this site are definitely hard working. I realize that I can be very difficult to work with, because I tried another site that sold fake transcripts and they got tired of me, canceled my order. I know they must have felt I was too hard to work with. Can't blame them. :) BUT the sample team here went back and forth with many many times to get my sample correct. They didn't push me and responded very fast. I thank the people behind this site for running such a tight ship.

  • We understand our products are not cheap and people expect a good product for their money so we try hard to please people as much as we can.

Gretta Kroll

  • Verified Customer Review
  • I had some issues with the product I wanted but they printed me a new copy and shipped it out free of charge. I had read some reviews that said they got a bad product and the staff would not help them. I think those reviews are fake.

  • The reviews are not real that say that. Like any business we try very hard to put out a good product and offer great service.

Kerry Wells

  • Verified Customer Review
  • Thank you so much.

Robyn Wallace

  • Verified Customer Review
  • Not sure what I'd do without you guys. You are wonderul people. Diploma Company rocks! A+

Cathie Grimes

  • Verified Customer Review
  • If you guys talk to Robin in the shipping department, thank her for me. The diploma got out on time.

Arthur Muniz

  • Verified Customer Review
  • Tell Michelle in production her diploma came out great. Just got it delivered.

Eva Hammond

  • Verified Customer Review
  • Thank you!!!!

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