7 Diploma courses in New York for International Students

New York City, also known as "The Big Apple," is the most densely populated city in the United States. It's no surprise that many international students are interested in studying there. If you're currently searching for popular diploma courses for international students in New York, it's likely you're considering moving to the city.

However, moving to New York can be daunting, so a one-year diploma course might be a good way to test the waters and decide if the city is right for you. It's important to note that a diploma is a specific academic award given for professional or vocational courses that typically last no more than a year. Some people may confuse diploma and degree courses.

Top 4 On-campus Diploma Courses in New York for International Students

on-campus diploma courses
  1. If you're an international student interested in becoming a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, you might want to check out the Professional Diploma in Marriage and Family Therapy program at Kean University. It's considered one of the best diploma courses in New York for fulfilling the educational requirements for this field. To complete the program, you'll need to write a research thesis, complete a minimum of 500 client contact hours, and participate in 100 hours of face-to-face supervision during an internship, along with other requirements.
  2. AMLOTUS Language and Profession provides an Intensive Business English program designed to assist students, especially immigrants, in enhancing their understanding and utilization of business and workplace terminologies. The program entails vocabulary development, guided discussions, and writing exercises, empowering students to communicate effectively in the business environment, both verbally and in written formats.
  3. General Assembly provides a full-time immersive Android Development course for individuals interested in Android development. This program trains students in coding, design, and iteration skills, equipping them with the necessary tools to pursue a career in this in-demand field. Participants will receive guidance and mentorship from experienced Android developers, and benefit from peer learning through a tech community-driven approach. Throughout the program, students will construct practical applications utilizing UI fundamentals, Material Design, Java, XML, API, and other relevant technologies.
  4. Kean University also provides a comprehensive 66-credit training program, the Professional Diploma in School Psychology, which is designed to prepare candidates to work as professional school psychologists in schools and other child service settings throughout the United States, including New Jersey. This full-time program equips participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to promote healthy and safe school environments for students, their families, and school staff. Learn more about Kean University here.

Top 3 Online Diploma Courses in New York for International Students

off campus diploma courses
  1. The University Specialist in Geopolitical and Socio-economic Internationalization is an online diploma course available to international students in New York. It is considered one of the most practical courses that uses a hands-on approach to achieve its objectives. The program is hosted online by HAC Leadership and Management for six months. During this time, participants will learn about and analyze the challenges of today's world, and the existing challenges and opportunities for internationalization. They will also gain knowledge about the institutional map of the world, particularly in political, economic, financial, and diplomatic institutions. The program provides theoretical frameworks, approaches, and conceptual elaborations in the analysis of international relations, as well as different thematic fields of global activity and the main geographical areas. Participants will learn how to manage international projects and organizations in legal aspects (hiring, etc.), economic-financial, and communicative (marketing, crisis management) aspects. They will also learn how to manage and lead multicultural work teams effectively and internationally. To learn more about HAC Leadership, visit their website.
  2. University Specialist in Circular Economy Management: This postgraduate diploma course in New York is designed for international students. The program is hosted online by HAC Leadership and Management for seven months, including classroom training (8ECTS) and distance training (22ECTS). Students will also attend a one-week academic stay at the HAC Business School in New York. The program is open to graduates and professionals who want to expand their knowledge in circular economy management, even without a scientific, technical, or environmental background. Participants will also have opportunities to network with company executives and receive mentorship in direction and leadership.
  3. Diploma in Digital Marketing

    This is one of the best diploma courses for international students in New York, especially in this digital age. The program is offered by Manhattan Studies Institute, an affiliate of American European Education. It is a full-time course run online, but the institution is in New York, making it perfect for those who want to study, work and live in the city. The program offers a transformative 12-month experience that develops Digital Marketing skills and provides high earning potential. During this period, you will train in a paid Digital Marketing internship within an innovative company in New York City while simultaneously receiving in-class instruction, career coaching, and mentoring.

    You will learn the following:

    • Digital Marketing Fundamentals
    • Digital & Social Selling
    • Search Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Digital Strategy & Planning
    • Introduction to the Internet of Things
    • Business Simulation & Project


However, you should know that there are other states in the United States of America with more diploma courses at beautiful universities. If you are determined to study in New York, these are the most popular diploma courses for international students. Good luck with your academic pursuits!