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If you're thinking about buying a fake bachelor diploma, there are a few things you should know first. In this post, we'll introduce the world of such diplomas and tell you everything you need to know before making your purchase. We'll cover topics like where to buy fake diplomas, how much they cost, and what to look for to make sure you're getting a quality product.

What is a bachelor's diploma?

Many bachelor's degrees can be earned in about eight or nine semesters. An undergraduate academic degree awarded by a college or university upon completion of a program of study. Many bachelor courses last five years, but some such as engineering, medicine, and architecture last six or more years.

A common such a degree may be a bachelor of science diploma.

What is a fake bachelor diploma?

up-close look at bachelor of arts with honors diploma from universityup-close look at bachelor of arts with honors diploma from university

A fake bachelor diploma is a copy of a real bachelor degree that has been made without the authorization of the institution issuing the original degree. These diplomas are often sold by print shops or mills that produce counterfeit documents and degrees, and they can be very difficult to identify. An example would be fake bachelor of science diploma, which would be a fake version of such a document.

Sometimes, people who have never attended college or university will purchase these fake diplomas in order to apply for jobs that require a higher level of education than they actually possess.

In other cases, people with lower grades may use a fake diploma to try to get into graduate school or another educational program.

There are different types of fake bachelor diplomas sold online!

It is important to recognize that a fake bachelor diploma from a print shop vs a diploma mill will vary as they are two different types of operations. A printed version of a diploma from a shop is simply that — a degree printed by a shop. A diploma mill or degree mill on the other hand is a business that sells degrees, usually online or by mail, and they have no accreditation nor do they follow any regulations whatsoever.

A print shop is printing these documents to be used as movie props, personal replacements, etc. There is a big difference here.

At the end of the day, the final product quality between a shop and mill will not differ much. Most are going to create a realistic looking print. The shop may add disclaimers to the final document, require terms that may be agreed to upon the purchases, and refuse to sell to others openly admitting to the intention of improper use. While a mill may bypass all of this, the wild-west approach to business may end up getting you scammed in the long run.

Where can you buy a fake bachelor diploma?

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In the United States, a fake bachelor diploma can be bought from many reliable online sources such as Diploma Company. The diplomas are 100% custom-made, crafted from detailed templates of actual diplomas. The templates adjusted with personal details such as names, dates of graduation, degree and major details, and more. Most services can ship within 24 hours and be in your hands by the following business day. All sales are made with a credit card which protects your money and eliminates the threat of being bamboozled this !

How much does a fake bachelor diploma cost?

There are many places where you can buy a fake diploma, but how much does it cost? The cost of these fake bachelor diplomas vary depending on the website but usually range between $200 to $500. These websites offer degrees from well-known and accredited institutions such as Harvard, Yale, and Stanford University. Other favorites include University of Michigan and University of Phoenix. The choices are endless as the list of USA colleges and universities.

Additional expenses may include getting extra copies of the diploma made and the added cost of shipping. Some sites do offer free shipping, to certain parts of the world, to offset this cost. Other fees you may want to consider, are upgrades to the printing technique and seals.

Most diplomas these days feature seals and text that lift off the page. This is called raised printing. Often shops will often raise the wording and seals on the fake bachelors diploma for close to $150. This is an added cost but it gives the final product a much higher-end look. Although, this may be a waste of money if you plan on framing the diploma and never touching the raised letting or seal, if you do plan on passing the final document around be worth the cost hike.

While it's true that an upgrade here or another fee there, will often raise the final price of the purchase, most shops will work with you. Often they can do some upgrades at no added charge or can offer coupon codes to help offset the cost. It's an import to reach out to a shop, discuss your situation, and see what can be done.

5 Reasons to make sure you're getting a quality product?

man with hands on head stressed out and deeply worried sitting at his laptopman with hands on head stressed out and deeply worried sitting at his laptop
There are a few key things you should look for to make sure you're getting a quality fake bachelor diploma.
#1: Learn about the types of printing materials the shop uses. The diploma should be printed on high-quality paper with vibrant inks. The paper thickness and shade of color should all match up. These are all very important.

#2: Make sure a shop stocks multiple diploma layouts. This ensures they are familiar with the overall design and layout of the particular bachelor diploma you want made. No two diplomas, bachelors or otherwise, are often alike. A good shop will keep templates on file from different colleges, making sure each diploma provided looks true to the original. It should capture the heart and soul of a real diploma from the particular accredited college or university that you want.

#3.: If they offer it, which they should, take advantage of free proofs. A lot of times shops will let you preview a mock-up of their work before it leaves. You can check dates, names, etc. This is a great option ensuring the quality of the product you want is met.

#4: Look out for a strong guarantee. These days, a few sites offer a money-back guarantee. This gives anywhere between 30 and 90 days to report any issues with the diploma upon arrival. The shop will gladly resolve any mistakes and shop out new copies. A common issue is often graduation dates. Many times a customer may request a specific date on the diploma like June, only to later decide that May would have been a better choice.

#5: Make sure the company offers reliable customer support in case you have any questions or issues with your purchase. A lot of sites will gladly take your money but leave you hanging when problems may arise with lost packages or any mistakes on the order.

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