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I ordered a diploma from my school that closed back in the 90’s. The whole process was very easy and fast. I was kept up to date with all the order statuses and once it shipped out, I was sent the tracking number. The diploma came just in time for the holidays.

I needed an extra copy of my diploma to bring overseas. I didn’t want to bring the original with me. I had a colleague recommend Diploma Company, so I gave it a shot. The diploma arrived on the correct diploma paper, color, size, fonts, line spacing. Etc. Perfect DC team!

I was very impressed with how closely my diploma matched my sister's who graduated from the same school. They promised me that it would be a "realistic" match but I wasn't sure what that meant at the time. I have to say that I am very pleased with the work they did and how well they run their business.

The driver just dropped off my fake diploma, looks great. Thank you so much again for working with me.

I called late Friday one day and it was past their deadline. I called and talked to Mark, I think, on the phone and he was so awesome he pushed my order through, and it went out that day. I needed rush shipping and I got it so fast. Thanks SO MUCH, GUYS, for helping me out of my problem. You're the BEST, and I'm recommending you to everybody I know.

My transcript was delivered this afternoon. I can't believe how great this looks! You guys did a wonderful job, including the paper and hologram, which is spot on. Thank you so very much for everything.

I saw a few reviews online before I placed my order, and got some mixed reviews. I didn't know if I should order or not, but I read a blog by someone named Tim, and I decided to go for it. Man, am I glad I did - my diploma looks awesome, and it came right on time. Definitely worth the purchase.

I got my fake transcripts in the mail today, and they look so good. Very close to what I remember my college issuing.

I loved the quality, and Justin was so helpful.

I really like the work you did on my diploma. Was unable to replace it once school shut down last spring. Service was a lifesaver, my friend.

Very pleased with quality and stamps.

We were pleasantly surprised by the quality of our certificate. The authentic features like the shiny gold seal, dual signatures, and vertical name inscription matched perfectly with those of a real diploma. Both my spouse and I were thoroughly impressed with Diploma Company's attention to detail.

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