two woman discussing tips when ordering fake diplomas online

In spite of what most people think, fake or ... phony diplomas can be a great ally in certain situations. Some people mistakenly believe such diplomas are only used with the purpose of deceiving and tricking universities and companies to make them hire someone based on false credentials and bogus experiences.

From getting you out of an uncomfortable situation, helping you feel more confident, or saving your real documents from getting damaged or deteriorated, these sort of diplomas serve many purposes. If you’re still curious about grabbing one and looking for some useful tidbits on what to look for in suppliers, you'll love our list of great fake diploma tips!

Tip #1: Look for Experience

When somebody has a good business idea, a few copycats pop up. Think of how popular Starbucks is and how everybody food business is getting into the coffee business. The same can be said about diplomas.

The reality is this is not a new rodeo for suppliers like Diploma Company. For over 10 years now, they've been printing and shipping fake high school diplomas that customers frame and display on their walls. While you can find a few new kids on the block, counting on a company with the experience and understanding to meet the expectations you demand is important.

Tip #2: The Less They Ask. The Better.

There was a time when we would ask so many questions in our order forms. These included:

  1. What color diploma paper do you want to use?
  2. Do you want a gold ... color ... black ... I mean full color seal on diploma?
  3. Do you want layout A or B or C?

Then it HIT us! As expects don't we know what diploma paper to use? What seal is best? What layout is the most realistic? We do which is why we stopped asking and why we ask you to question any site so unsure of it's own expertise to even ask you. Even as I write this in , there are phony diploma shops with "state options" and "in-house choices". Why make it so confusing?

Tip #3: Fees to View Proofs is Crazy

So you're likely spending a ton of money on your fake diploma. We understand how the process can feel stressful. You want to know everything is going to work out. This is why all sites that you proof their work, before it ships to your doorstep. The thing is is a lot of sites charge more for this service. Why? I mean, it's vital that you get to see a shop's work before it's printed, packaged up, and sent out. This is why sites like Diploma Company offer no-cost samples of their work to every customer.

Tip #4: Is it a Real Guarantee

Again, buying these sort of documents can be overwhelming. You hear lots of crazy stories and it's easy to get wrapped up in the nonsense. Although a site can tell you not to worry, few will actually back that up with a true promise to resolve anything that does wrong. At, you will find a money back guarantee. If you're ready for a straight forward guarantee which allows you to buy in confidence today, my tip is stick to the sites that are clear about such policies.

#5 The Way Support is Handled Says a Lot

There a lot of sites these days with limited support options. Some will argue they don't have a phone number because they can support more people with chat. Although that may be true, not spending a little more for a staff that is there to talk to customers says a lot about the focus that site puts on customer support.

Although these tips may give you some helpful advice on what to watch out for and how to protect yourself, the decision on where to buy, is up to you. With tons of experience and knowledge, free proofs, guarantees that are true, and friendly support, we ask you to consider Diploma Company! Our website is online 24/7 for new orders and agents are standing by Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 5 pm CST. They can be reached via phone at 866-687-5403, live chat, or email. We hope that you find these tips helpful and look forward to possibly assisting you with custom document printing services very soon.