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In spite of what most people think, a fake diploma can be a truly unique purchase. Although some people mistakenly believe such diplomas are only used to deceive and trick institutes and companies as false credentials, that is rarely the case. Often, they are used as highly detailed personal backups, irreplaceable restorations, insanely realistic props for films, and more.

Still, with so many options to pick from, knowing which online print shop to trust can be a tough decision for buyers. That is why we compiled a list of tips shoppers should consider when choosing a store. The article also defends the choice of our own site, and we hope that you will come to the same agreement in the end.

5 Fake Diploma Tips for Shoppers!

Prioritize Experience:

When somebody has a good business idea, a few copycats tend to pop up. Think of how popular smoke and vape shops are these days and how so many new smoke shops show up to get in on their cash cow. The same can be said about 100% custom diplomas, like the ones we're discussing here.

The reality is, this service is not a new rodeo for suppliers like Diploma Company. For over 10 years now, we've been printing and shipping fake high school diplomas and fake college diplomas that customers frame and display on their walls. While you can find a few new sites around, counting on a company with this much experience and understanding to meet the high expectations shoppers demand is crucial.

Streamlined Order Forms:

There are so many shops that ask a ton of questions when you place an order. Most of these are entirely unnecessary and include:

  1. What color diploma paper do you want them to use?
  2. Do you want a gold seal, a color seal, a black seal, or maybe a full-color seal on the diploma?
  3. Do you want layout A, option B, or template C?

We noticed this pattern with other sites. Then we realized one day how silly it was to even ask those questions! As experts, shouldn't we know what paper is best for a fake diploma? What seal is the right seal depending on what you want? What layout is the most realistic one to use? We do know! This is why we stopped asking these questions and why we ask you to question any site that needs to waste your time asking you. Even as I make this point on , there are shops asking you if you want their "Texas replica layout" or their "1980s Iowa layout". If they know your name and the school you want, why bother asking and making this so confusing? Is it because they don't know?

Avoid Proof Viewing Fees:

Look, these things aren't cheap, and money can be tight. We know that. We understand that buyers can be stressed out and anxious to see the final product. That's why most sites usually allow you to proof their work before it ships, fast and discreet, to your door. The issue is that a lot of sites charge for this necessary service. Why is that? I mean, it's vital that you get to see a shop's work before it's printed, packaged up, and sent out. This is why sites like Diploma Company offer a no-cost sample of their work to every customer who requests one. If you get the proof and have questions, we encourage you to do so by making this service free.

Demand a Guarantee:

Buying these sorts of documents can be overwhelming. You hear lots of crazy stories, and it's easy to get wrapped up in the nonsense. Although a site can tell you not to worry, few will actually back that up with a true promise to resolve anything that goes wrong. At DiplomaCompany.com, you will find a 90-day fake diploma money back guarantee. If you're ready for a straightforward guarantee that allows you to buy with confidence today, my tip is to stick to the sites that are clear about such policies.

Accessible Customer Support:

Many businesses are constantly looking for ways to cut costs, which may include reducing their staff and support. Not having a way to reach a company or limited communication options may not seem like a big issue until it is. Here are tips to consider when judging sites and their willingness to communicate with shoppers.

  • Support Hours! When are they available? Some sites only offer support in the early morning or late afternoons. We're here Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 5 pm CST! With the exception of major US holidays and weekends, our agents are almost always on standby.
  • Phone Support! Some people prefer speaking to a real person. It's nice to have a working number when you want to talk. Not only do we have a number, but it's also a toll-free call at 866-687-5403.
  • Live Chat! If you don't want to talk to a person, start a chat and type away. Our chat is open during all support hours. This is a service many other sites are cutting back on by limiting chat hours. Not us.

Most Important Tip: Be Smart! Make the Right Choice with Your Print Shop!

While these tips provide valuable advice on what to watch out for and how to safeguard your purchase, the ultimate decision on where to buy is yours. With a wealth of experience, knowledge, free proofs, an open and honest guarantee policy, and friendly support available through multiple channels, Diploma Company stands ready to meet your needs. Consider us today!

We hope you find these tips helpful and look forward to the possibility of assisting you with our phony diploma services.