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We pride ourselves on realism. Only you will know it's a fake high school or college diploma. We stock premium diploma and degree choice from all over the world that look and feel authentic. RAISED and embossed seals available now!

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Our transcripts feature coursework for a variety of degree and majors. Custom high school and university marks can be requested. Printed on hard to find professional watermarked security paper and embossed by hand! Amazing quality!

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Nothing compliments a diploma reproduction like novelty transcripts, which is why we offer diploma and transcript packages! Get both documents together and save by combining!

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We know diplomas but we're more than that. Diploma Company proudly offers realistic certificates including favorites like marriage, birth, IQ, etc! We have also added college certificates.

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Have a Scan or Copy You Want to Match?

We can fully recreate diplomas, transcripts or packages of both!

Do you have access to a digital copy of a diploma? Found a scan of a certificate online? Diploma Company has a talented staff of skillful designers able to recreate original templates of specific documents. Matching seal and logos may be possible depending on regulations we abide by. Pricing is lower than what others are charging so be sure to reach out to us today.

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Discover Replica Diplomas, College Degrees, Transcripts and Certificates!

Diploma Company is a professional printing company and highly touted and world-famous supplier of premium fake diplomas from high schools, colleges and universities along with novelty academic transcripts, certificates and other custom document favorites!

Our items are terrific as novelty documents, temporary replacements for personal use or a boost to your individual self-esteem.

Upon requesting our services, our staff accesses our database of original templates and chooses one that best fits your needs. During the proper process, any logos or stamps or holograms produced using industry leading methods such as foil pressing, layered printing or embossing is applied. We ship every packaged our safely in reinforced packaging to protect documents during transit. As the packages make their way from our facility to your doorstep, you will be given tracking numbers to monitor the packages progress.

Unlike companies that offer individual templates on their website which you can customize to your specifications, we collect basic details such as names and dates and then tag one of our templates in our collection that we feel best suits your needs. This ensures the proper template is chosen and cuts down the many issues most other suppliers face by cutting corners with limited order options.

If you ever need us, our support team is available via online chat, telephone support and email. We will happily answer your questions promptly. We’re produce of the company we have built over the past 10+ years in business and the smile we have put on people’s faces as the internet’s best novelty diploma and transcript portal anywhere.