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As long as you stock the proper materials, have a general understand of the document and know what skill sets are required, making a high school diploma can be easy. There may be several reasons why not only making one but making a good looking one is so important for you.

Maybe you’re going to an alumni party and hear that former classmates are bringing their diplomas for a showcase being put on. All of a sudden you realize that your old school doesn't offer replacements.

Maybe you want to make your own diploma to use in place of the real thing, so you can safeguard the real one somewhere else. No matter why you need the diploma to be made, there are several steps you can take to ensure quality is met.

How to Get Started

The first step is to find an actual high school diploma and examine it carefully. If you went to a particular school and know that diploma well, it will make this process easier. Still, what you will find is that the layouts and designs of high school diplomas will differ from area to area. Each diploma often has different paper colors and different paper sizes. They also commonly use different inks when printing, different fonts, different seals, etc. By viewing several different diplomas you can you can begin to appreciate what makes each document so unique.

Create a Shopping List

After making a note of all the resources you need. The list can get rather long and complicated but try to consider at least the following:

  1. What type of card stock paper should I use? What should the paper weight be? What color or paper shade is best? What finish should the paper have?
  2. When printing should I use wet inks or dry inks?
  3. For the diploma seal, should it be raised or embossed or a sticker?

Obviously these are just some of the questions you must ask yourself but once you have a general list of materials put together, you should head up to your local arts and craft stock to make some purchases. When you get there you will find that items such as paper and seals, if available, are often not sold individually. You must buy lots of paper and variety of seals adding up the cost of making a high school diploma but if you’re willing to invest in this document, one can be made.

Setting Up Resources

So you have all your materials and now you’re ready to get started. Next you will need some sort of computer program to design the diploma from scratch. A good program to use may be Adobe Photoshop. Although a professional diploma company would likely use a more advanced program, this software can help an amateur like you create a decent document.

Once the software is downloaded and installed, scan your actual high school diploma. If you don’t have access to a scanner, you may want to visit a local packaging and printing store that offers scanning services for a small fee. The final scan can then be emailed to you or saved on a secured thumb drive.

Creating a High School Diploma from Scratch

So you have your scan and your software and your materials. Great! Now it’s time to rock and roll! Next, import the scanned diploma copy into the design software. Using common Photoshop skills, you want to track the diploma capturing every word, the layout, the structure and more. Once finished, save it. You now have a template of your high school diploma!

The next process includes you editing that template. If you want to change any names or dates, this is where you would do that. Once the document is fully adjusted, you can save the new template copy.

Print it Out

So once the template is mocked up, place the correct type of paper in your print and hit print. Assuming you have chosen the best printer and are using the proper seals, the finished high school diploma should look acceptable. Although there may be some imperfections, you may want to try displaying the diploma in a frame before judging it so quickly. In the end, what you may find is that the diploma is far from perfect but it’s sufficient.

Making a High School Diploma Can Be Stressful

young female feeling stressed outyoung female feeling stressed out

For many people, the process of making a high school diploma can be overwhelming. Even if you want to use it for legitimate reasons, buying papers and inks and learning software can be a nightmare for some.

Luckily there are a few professional printing companies online that sell fake diplomas. A fake diploma is a novelty document that looks and feels like an actual diploma. They can be made for many different types of schools including high schools and colleges and universities. Services are often provided as props for movies, personal replacements, esteem boosters and more. The diplomas are often 100% custom made by a professional diploma designer, packaged up and shipped to your front door in just a few days.

When you consider the time needed to invest in making your own high school diploma, choosing a fake high school diploma as an alternative may be most cost effective then you think.

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