Fake degrees with verification

Often customers will ask us about verification services that are available with the purchase of the fake degrees we make available on our site. Diploma Company does not offer a verification service but if this is important to you, there are alternate sites operating this that do. We'd like to offer up a few recommendations if you are debating about which one of these alternative services to use.

Don't get ripped off by fake degree verification services that don't deliver

A lot of sites will post ridiculous prices for the service of verifying any of the custom documents they provide. In the end buyers are convinced that their purchased degrees will definitely be verified. What happens is money is often collected for such services but nothing is ever verified contrary to popular belief.

They are able to do this because many background checks by schools and jobs and employments agencies are never verified in the first place and therefore their fake degree verification services, already paid for, are never used or called into question by the customer after wasting their hard earned money on such services.

How the current verification process of college degrees work

Even in , (FERPA) or the Federal Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act maintains, protects, and verifies educational records including academic documents such as diplomas and degrees. The 1974 law forces any college or university wanting to release student records at the request of an employer or school, to have a signed release form from the student themselves authorizing such release. In fact many former and current students are shocked to learn about the FERPA act these days.

This addition of (FERPA) has made it so requesting educational records, requires authorization which can be very tedious and time consuming. Many industries opt out of the process and since records are often never verified, fees paid for such services through suppliers of fake degrees willing to offer such services are never utilized.

Why sites offering fake degree verification fall flat

A lot of sites out there claim that they will give you a phone number to have a job call or a website for them to visit. Knowing what we know about FERPA and how records can only be pertained at the request of the student, no such website or phone number would ever exist. Any legitimate job would know the verification process was fishy and therefore completely bogus and a waste of time.

Legit ways to verify a degree

The only legitimate way to verify educational records would be through the mail. If you find a company offering to sell you a fake degree and they are willing to add verification services, make sure to get the mailing address. It's important that you know the address any records will be mailed form.

screenshot of defunct site diplomaxpress offering fake degree verification services circa 2011An example of why this is important to know is because there was once a company called DiplomaXpress that did this. They had a mailing address in Arizona but if your school was in not Arizona, it would immediately raise flags. People would ask questions like, “why is this mail verifying a diploma from a Massachusetts college coming from some random po box in Arizona?”

The only way this would work would be if the company selling you the degree fake had a mailing address in every city and town and a phone number in every area code. That would equate to an astonishing 335 phone numbers and 30,825 po boxes! Yikes!

Yes there are companies that can provide mail forwarding addresses and phone numbers in any area code, but that is a major investment for any company and likely something they could not feasibly put together.

At the end of the day getting a fake degree with verification is possible at a handful of sites but you will likely run into many issues in the process and the resulted headaches don't outweigh the very low chance of positive results. Our advice is to stay away from these services and put more focus into the overall quality of the custom printed documents the supplier provides.

Some last thoughts on fake degrees with verification to think about!

At Diploma Company, we choose not to verify degrees and do not offer verification services but we do offer high quality custom printed degrees. These novelty items still manage to capture the actual layouts and formats of real diplomas. They make great lost or damaged replacement degrees, esteem boosters, props for films and shows, and more. Everything is also backed by our satisfaction guarantee eliminating the stress out of being scammed in an industry full of them.

You could also buy a diploma from us and then try your luck with a separate service to verify the degree. Although most sites will over promised and under delivered with failed fake degree verification services that we suggest you stay away from, it is a possibility. No different than buying a car from a dealership and paying a mechanical to service it. The degree and verification are two separate aspects of the process.