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Do you want a copy of your transcript from high school but are highly unsure about how to obtain one?

Perhaps you may need one to apply to colleges, look for employment, or for your own personal use. Even if you are not in high school currently, this tutorial will explain some tips regarding how to get transcripts from high school.

Still, before proceeding any further, you must first take a detailed understanding regarding what these transcripts are. And why it means the world to your chances in any given career opportunity or college admission.

What is a HighSchool Transcript

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A high school transcript serves as a summary of your academic performance during high school. It details every course you took, when you took it, and your marks. Every high school graduate has a transcript. And if you went to more than one high school, you'll have one for each one.

What is a HighSchool Transcript?

A transcript from your school is typically required for one (or all) of the below reasons :

  • When applying to universities, the majority of them need an authentic high school transcript sample copy.
  • High schools will check your transcript to make sure you've completed all the prerequisites for graduation or to figure out which classes you should enroll in if you've changed schools.
  • Some job applications may request you to provide your transcript from high school so the company may review your grades or determine whether you have taken any courses relevant to the position.

How to Obtain your Transcript from High School

Depending on whether or not you are presently enrolled at a certain school, different schools have different policies about how to get transcripts. Here are three scenarios. Choose the one that most closely relates to you to learn how to put through a high school transcript request.

Scenario #1: If you are an existing student at the high school

You're in luck if you're still in the high school from which you want a transcript. That's because it makes obtaining one rather easy in that case. Ask your school counselor how to get a copy of your transcript when you first visit their office. Your counselor will give you advice on what to do next. This may include:

Obtaining a copy in person from the office of your school

In this situation, go to the office and get a high school transcript sample copy. To acquire this, you might need to present the required ID proof or know your student identity number. Unofficial high school transcript copies may often be printed out fairly quickly, sometimes right away. But getting or shipping official transcripts may take a little longer.

Putting through high school transcript online request

If your institution offers this, their website frequently contains a page where you may make a request for a high school transcript online. You might be able to print off an unofficial copy for yourself or ask for someone to provide you an official one.

Requesting it from a third party

If you're currently a student there, the majority of high schools will provide you a copy of your transcript directly. Although some may outsource to a third party.

Scenario #2 - If you have moved out of the school

If you have already graduated from high school or changed schools, this can be the case. You have the right to request for a copy of your transcript from high school even if you no longer attend that institution.

First, examine whether there is information about how to get your high school transcript online from the school's website. On alumni or student services pages, you may frequently find information on transcripts. There, you can also find how to get transcripts online from high school and who to contact to obtain it. A copy of your transcript can also be obtained by contacting the school's main office. If you do that, they will guide you to the appropriate person.

Scenario #3 - If your high school is no longer there

In the event that your high school has shut down or you are unable to locate its website or contact details, you can follow the below options:

  • If you went to a public high school, get in touch with the district office for the area that once managed that institution. To obtain the contact information for your district office, perform a search for "school district [name of your high school] [state the high school was in].
  • On the website of the National Center for Education Statistics, you may also do a search for your school district. The district should be able to acquire you a copy of the transcript for high school. And also send official copies on your behalf. That's because it will still hold student records for all the high schools that were a part of that district.
  • Get in touch with your state's department of education if you can't locate your school's district, it no longer exists, or you attended a private high school.
  • On the National Center for Education Statistics website for private schools, you may also look up records and contact information if you went to a private high school there.

Final Toughts

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The aforementioned procedure works at its own leisurely pace. As a result, you have to show some real patience. However, if you want your transcript from high school immediately, it's always advised to get in touch with some of the top providers, like Diploma Company.

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