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We all come up with this question in our mind, "why and how do I get my unofficial high school transcript" at least once in our life. Actually, a high school transcript allows you admission to a reputed college. So, it is just as important as your undergraduate or master's degree diplomas.

Additionally, before they may give you a job, certain employers may want your high school transcripts to confirm your academic qualifications. It follows that even if you continue to fly to greater heights and achieve more academic success, your high school transcripts are still important to you.

How can you obtain your high school transcripts, though? Once they are accepted to the university, some students tend to forget about their history. And, to be honest, you might not know how to obtain your official or unofficial high school transcript too.

High School Transcript Explained

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You may be asking yourself, "what is a HighSchool transcript?" A high school transcript serves as proof of all your academic successes there. A high school transcript often includes:

  • Every course you took
  • Duration of the course
  • The grades you received
  • Signature or seal of the school authorities

In other terms, a high school transcript is a formal document that the institution provides. Additionally, there are two types of high school transcripts: official high school transcript and unofficial high school transcript.

Typically, both will include the same information. However, an official high school transcript is often sealed in an envelope with your high school seal or stamp. That makes it more legitimate and ensures that it is not tampered with.

Now before you proceed with the procedure to obtain a high school transcript, you may come up with the question - how do I get my transcript online? Well, to get the answer to this question, you need to learn regarding why you need an official or unofficial high school transcript in the first place.

3 Reasons a High school Transcript is Typically Required

  1. To apply to a certain college or university: When applying to universities, the majority of them need an authentic copy of your high school transcript.
  2. To graduate or transfer high schools: High schools will check your transcript to make sure you've completed all the prerequisites for graduation or to figure out which classes you should enroll in if you've changed schools.
  3. While applying to a job: Some job applications may request you to provide your official or unofficial high school transcript so the company may review your grades or determine whether you have taken any courses relevant to the position.

Looking for an Official or Unofficial High School Transcript?

If you are puzzled with the question - how do I get my Transcript online, there are few things you must be familiar with. Your high school transcript comes in two different formats: official and unofficial. Both versions are similar in content and appearance. But an official transcript frequently bears an official seal, tamper-proof markings, or is housed in a sealed envelope. This makes sure that nothing in the transcript is changed.

The majority of institutions require an authentic high school transcript. Your high school will frequently provide official copies to you through email or regular mail. A sealed envelope containing your official transcript may also be provided by your school for you to mail on your own behalf. If they do, don't open this envelope since doing so would render the transcript invalid. An unofficial high school transcript is acceptable if you only need a copy for personal use.

Know whether you are requesting an official or an unofficial high school transcript before you submit your request. If you're unsure which version you're seeking, speak with someone at the office. The majority of educational institutions and jobs that require an official transcript won't accept an unofficial one in its place, and providing the incorrect one might result in you missing crucial deadlines.

Make sure you order your official transcript such as USA high school transcripts and Canada high school transcripts far enough in advance so that it will arrive before any application deadlines because official transcripts sometimes take longer to deliver, sometimes up to a few weeks if being sent.

The Best Way to Obtain Your High School Transcripts

high school graduate documents with ribbon next to graduate folderhigh school graduate documents with ribbon next to graduate folder

Depending on whether or not you are presently enrolled at a certain school, different schools have different policies about how to request and return your high school transcripts online. Here are three scenarios; choose the one that most closely relates to you to learn how to ask for and get your high school transcript.

Option #1: Current student at the school?

You're in luck if you're still enrolled in the high school from which you want an official high school transcript because it makes obtaining one rather easy. Ask your counselor how to get a copy of your high school transcript when you first visit their office. Your counselor will give you advice on what to do next. Some suggestions are:

Obtaining a copy in person from the office of your school

In this situation, go to the office and get a copy of high school transcripts online. To acquire your transcript, you might need to present identification or know your student identity number. High school transcript may often be printed out fairly quickly, sometimes right away. In some cases, depending on how the school fulfills requires, a replacement copy make take a little longer.

Making a copy request online

If your institution offers this, their website frequently contains a page where you may make a transcript request. You might be able to print off an official high school transcript for yourself or ask for someone to provide you an official one.

Using an third party website

If you're a current student, the majority of high schools will provide you a copy of your transcript directly, although some may outsource to a third party. These websites allow you to send copies of your transcript to universities and companies for a charge. They are easy to use.

Option #2: No Longer Enrolled at the School?

If you graduated from high school or changed high schools, this can be the situation. You have the official high school transcript whether you are a current or former student.

First, examine whether there is information about how to get your transcript on the school's website. On alumni or student services pages, you may frequently find information on transcripts. That can include how to get your transcript online and who to contact to obtain it. A copy of your high school transcript can also be obtained by contacting the school's main office. If you do, they will guide you to the appropriate person.

Option #3: Opt for an Unofficial Transcript

There may be a situation that none of these options work for you. In such cases, opting for unofficial high school transcript services would be the best available option. Currently, there are numerous third party websites that are offering high school transcripts that are sold online.

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